Who actually won the 2020 Election?

Who really won the 2020 Presidential Election BIDEN OR TRUMP ?

Who really won the 2020 Presidential Election BIDEN OR TRUMP ?

It amazes me that this presidential election is so close especially with all of the pre-election polls suggesting it was going to be a landslide for Biden.  Just like in 2016 when president Trump was up against Hillary Clinton, the media and even the social media seemed dead set against any chance of a Trump Victory. Was completely the same as this election probably much worse. 

Most Democrats are not only happy to know that Trump is soon going to be out, but many “haters” are hopeful that Trump will now be prosecuted and will go to jail “for crimes against humanity” of all sorts. But we have all heard these claims before. As Steve Levy the former county executive and model citizen would say, you don’t have to like him to believe in his agenda. 

Whether you like him or not, or agree with his policies or not you have to admit the guy is resilient. I think over 68 million American’s voted for Trump so they must see value in what he is doing and his agenda. However, it certainly seems that more American’s would rather have “grandpa Biden” as the head of our country than a man who seems to be renegotiating every contract and agreement that was anti-American or anti-effective. Who also seems to care about every need that comes to his attention. But again that is on the surface, after the election propaganda who knows what would happen! 

While I would not judge Biden harshly at all, in fact, I would bet that every politician from Biden’s time would have the same type of skeletons in his closet. Not that I am accusing him of monetizing his position, but the jury is out on that one when you take into account what his son has done to leverage his position as Vice President. 

So let’s assume for the moment that neither one of them are angels, who is going to do a better job, and who’s plan is a better plan? As of now, I have still not heard much of a plan from Biden. Frankly, the plan I know the democrats support is a good hope for what we would want to be able to do, but we do not live in a utopia. We have to live in reality. 

So going completely green, what is that going to do to our international competitiveness, and what will the Paris Agreement cost us if China has decades to catch up? Again love Trump or hate him, he brings up very valid points. We are energy independent of the Middle East and that does put us in a position of power to negotiate peace treaties without retribution. So as many of us get riled up by the media, remember everything you ever hear or see is paid for by someone else. 

As important as it is for us to take care of each other, is as important as it is that we do not put too many taxes on the American Dream. Certainly, no one thinks it is fair to take money away from one family and give it to another. That is the basic difference between the two parties. One wants to tax everything and spend like crazy at least that is many of our impressions from past performance, and the republicans want to keep reasonable caps on taxes and spending. The philosophy of many Republicans is why should I have to pay more taxes than you? I already create a ton of value up and above what you create for our society, why should I pay so much more? 

That creates the divide between the different financial classes of American’s and each party uses that to stir the pot every election cycle. Trying to use the balance of giving and taking more to either side, the rich or the not so rich, or working-class American’s. The rich want to keep what they make and the working class wants to pay less. 

Everything else is a wash or is it because there are so many issues on the table from a Supreme court with a right-leaning majority now, healthcare legislation, immigration law, tax plans, the Paris Agreement, Negotiations with China, the rest of the world, and of course the future course our country will take with regards to energy and fossil fuels.

I mean we can go on and on, but as we grow as a country we are now going back and looking at our laws, our democracy, even abortion, and women’s rights! Our survival in some areas like another Stimulus or (basic income) plan to continue to take care of those who are still fighting their way back from the layoffs and closed economy. So who actually won the 2020 election will have a tremendous impact on our society. 

From an independent point of view, it seems that Biden has won the 2020 Election. It is a matter of verifying votes, making sure all state voting rules were followed, and that there is no reason to believe that the way we voted is not the way in which our president will take office, either candidate. Then we will need to make sure we work together. It is rare that a president has both the house and the senate in his court so to speak and that helps keep those checks and balances. 

However, we do not just want debate and finger-pointing, nor do we want essential legislation to get approved after the deck is stacked with tons of programs completely unrelated to stimulus. We do not want to bankrupt the US just to get through Covid as safely as possible, and of course, take care of those still struggling to survive post covid stimulus, and the numbers are daunting, 

At this point, I personally believe that the official count that actually is certified can be completely different than it looks like now. Either candidate could have won, and we will only find out after the recount and after any challenged ballots are either confirmed as counting or are thrown out. We have seen crazier things happen in our democracy so don’t count on the results until they are certified. 

Who wins should not really make such a big difference after the election is over and politicians get back to work. Back to work should, of course, provide for a reasonable safety net for anyone who is struggling. Just like under Trump everyone should be included in the economy and the rebuild. Getting Covid under control a priority, and making real progress with our democracy the priority not winning the next lawsuit or argument. That does not seem to serve us well as constituents.

So who won? Who cares? We need to hold our politicians accountable to make progress. With the Senate still in the Republican’s hands, negotiations across the table are going to have to take place. Let’s hope that if Biden has one that he holds to his word that he is not a socialist, is more of a democrat with some social programs, keeps the competitive negotiations going on with both our allies and our enemies going in the right direction, and that he does not hand our economy back to China. Much to be seen as we now move into a new presidency. (or not) 

And without picking on Biden, he just does not seem sharp so any vote for the democratic ticket also may be voting in the next and first female president of the United States. Who knows if Biden can take the stress of the presidency at his age, it would be rather unprecedented.

Think about it! Kamala Harris will make history as the first woman to become vice president. Talk about glass ceilings being crashed! So no matter who you voted for or what your political agenda, at least when the battle is called and we know the results, try to find something good if you are amongst those whose vote did not win. Until then Live in Gratitude. Pay it Forward. Cherish your Chapters of Love. 

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