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Model Citizens Magazine partners with The Long Island News Group to provide incredible 4k and 5.5k raw video interviews of all of our Model Citizens. Some of those interviews are displayed here. For more videos please check out The Long Island News Group various social media networks. The majority of videos in this gallery are from our archives from decades of producing for both entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies and brands.

John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Heather Louise Hart

Model Citizens Magazine Short documentary on Skydive Long Island from the archives
John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Marc Macaluso Stylist and Partner at B2BESPOKE Men’s Clothier.

John Dowling Intervies Model Citizen and COO BNB Kevin Santacroce.

John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Alex M. Wolff

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John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Cara Castrounova.

John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Steve Levy.
Model Citizens Magazine in partnership with Designing Long Island produces many location-specific drone videos and real estate content.
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John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen and Trial Attorney Christopher J. Cassar
Model Citizens Magazine is very active producing theatrical content for a variety of theaters. Here the highlights from the Madison Theater.
John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Autumn Behm.
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Publisher John Joseph Dowling Jr. walks you through one of his favorite shooting locations West End II at Jones Beach. Smartphone steadicam shoot.
John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Terrie Magro founder Michael Magro Foundation

When shooting for Model Citizens Magazine John recognized Model Citizen and traditional Swiss Belly Dancer Leila.
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Songbirds are always entertaining and make for great content on social media. Listen to this amazing creature.
Another throwback Model Citizen episode featuring Status Joe at Jugs and Strokers. Highlight video for the band and the bar.

Model Citizens Magazine often gives new talent opportunities like this shoot. Melissa’s first interview with us was with the legendary Chaz Palminteri.
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This is another short branding video for Dockers, Hamptons Magazine, and Romano Brands Wines for social media.
Chapters of Love Audio-Book, Chapter 1 Chapters of Love Chasing Sunrise by John Dowling Jr.

Model Citizens Magazine producers often produce a tutorial, how-to, and hybrid shorts like this one for Citiquiet Windows.
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Model Citizens Magazine has specialty issues from cities and countries around the world. We often will shoot performers and promote them, even street performers.
Former World Champion skydiver and our host Krystal during an interview at Skydive Long Island with Model Citizen Ray Maynard.

John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Keith Brown
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East End Oysters Full 35 minute documentry shot in HD and presented here at a lower resolution.
John Dowling Interviews Lidia/Scultura Fashions

Often we still can not beleive the access Model Citizens Magazine is granted for journalistic photographs and for our covers like this New Years Eve performance center stage with Taylor Swift.
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As fine artists and filmmakers we are always exploring and mastering new tools and techniques for capturing world-class footage like this drone footage at the Fire Island Lighthouse.
John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Robert Bartol

Model Citizens Magazine was invited to the NY Grammy’s and this was a great performance by Melissa Ethridge covering Bonjovi.
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Model Citizens Magazine has a special place in our hearts for the Oheka Castle one of our favorite locations to shoot at. Here our publisher walks in the snow and creates a short for the Castle.
One of our first Model Citizens Linda Michelle went on to have a brilliant career in fitness modeling and hosted Reality Nights. This is a real we made for Linda when she moved to Hollywood.

Gamma Labs TV Commercial we produced, filmed, directed, and edited for social media advertising.
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John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Asher Allweiss.
Before Jackie Tohn was a household name, we were creating content together and shooting her headshots. Here’s a little highlight real from a personal appearance she made with our model citizen Kershel Anthony.

Business of every size and with every budget invest in heartwarming videos like this one we produced for The Britannia Yachting Center on National Marina Day.
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Just prior to covid hitting Long Island, we produced this social media commercial for the Hospitality ball. Now the 10 year anniversary will be celebrated in 2021.
While filming interviews and the Willie Nelson Documentary, we were invited to shoot the entire event by the Nelson Family. What a great honor. At the time Willie was supposedly very ill and they were not sure if they would ever be able to play together again. karma.

While we focus on interviews, we often create short highlights videos from events and Model Citizens Magazine shoots. In this video Romano Brands CEO Michael Romano sits down after our shoot with Chris of Chris and Tony’s in Syosset.

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While shooting in the California deserts with extreme athletes and dune buggy enthusiasts, This was an interesting ride at 140 mph!
John Dowling Interviews Model Citizen Donna Sirianni

What a great honor it was to create this video for the Mark Messier Leadership camp and all of its members who raised money for charities year after year with this program. .

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