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Trump or Biden? Sal Ferro Featured Story September 2020

Alure Home Improvements CEO Sal Ferro shares his thoughts on this years presidential election.

John: Sal so based on the current feedback, you are most certainly up for a Model Citizen of the Year award. 

Sal: With my mug?

John: Oh, come on…we’ll make you beautiful, even if we have to work around your face.

Sal: Well you’ll just have to use your amazing photography.

John: We’re finding ourselves at the end of a presidential election that is not without controversy in a country that has really seen the best and worst of what you can see in a country. What are your feelings on the election and what’s been going on?

Sal: The country right now is in a very difficult place. There’s a tremendous lack of harmony right now, and a tremendous lack of unity. I don’t believe either party Is showing leadership or guidance. I think each party right now is just focused on winning an election at any cost. 

I share more of the ideology of the Republican Party, less government, more support for business and a strong military. I also have beliefs that are aligned with Democrats ideology. I believe most Americans do have similar feelings and align with both parties. We’ve come to a place right now where it’s either one or the other. The extreme left, or the extreme right; it’s as if the parties have been hijacked. I don’t believe anything that’s going on in the news anymore, except for your magazine of course, because I believe things are being hijacked by radical thinking.

John: I am hearing there is a lot of money being thrown around to publishers right now, for the stories that they want written and the opinions they leave their readers with no matter what they are. 

Sal: How could you have a news outlet that is never said a positive thing about a president? And how could you have a news outlet not see his faults? So to me, we’re at a point where two labels, democrat or republican, have lost their way. I think that this country needs an awakening as far as selection goes. 

I think that a lot of polls are showing one thing, but I don’t believe any of them. I think we’re going to see it’s going to be about turn-out. With an election like this, it is going to come to a few states that will make the difference. California or New York are not going to turn, but those borderline states will make a difference, like Ohio or Florida, they will turn the race. 

I think a lot of things are happening right now, the negative narrative about law enforcement, it’s all going to play in the election and I think, as much as the polls show things leaning towards Biden, I think that narrative is going to boost Trump. 

John: Do you think anybody is actually voting for biotin or do you think they’re voting against Trump?

Sal: I think you nailed it on the head. People will be voting against Trump. This is a guy is who is hated by the other side and basically they will take anybody over Trump. Instead of looking at performance and things that he’s done. Maybe you don’t like him or do like him. Maybe you like this economy, or foreign policy, or not. If you don’t like him, fine, but they just hate the man and that’s the fight. 

Right now, I think Biden is doing a pretty good job, in terms of holding his own in interviews, but I am really looking forward to the debates to see how he can stand up and defend his past actions, and defend some of the things that have been thrown at Trump. I’m really curious to see how Biden is going to do. I don’t know who’s going to be controlling things him, or the Democratic Party.

John: We constantly hear from reporting and people actually sharing that there is a ton of censorship on social media, specifically about people who are supporting the republican ticket.  What have you heard about that yourself?

Sal: There is no doubt the media is biased to the left. They are no longer objective and I don’t think social media has done any better. Things are being subjectively censored for one side and not the other side, and there’s no doubt about it, there’s a lot of things going against the republican party and it’s just not fair that the media is not going 50/50, allowing individuals to make decisions based on facts. It’s not fair that things are being censored more for the conservatives, than they are for the liberals.

That’s not what I grew up with. That’s not the media I grew up with. You were always able to get the facts and find out what’s happening and then make a decision. If I want to hear opinion, and stuff like that, I’ll go to an editorial. I’ll read an editorial. What’s happening now is no better than the Enquirer.

John: I couldn’t agree with you more. That’s one of the inspirations for Model Citizens Magazine. I know you know that. What about all these controversial investigations and the Russian dossier? It seems the more we find out about it, the more it was set up by the democratic party to attack Trump, even before he was in office and to undermine everything he’s done. At least that’s the perception I have at the moment. I think a lot of people have that perception. At the same time it’s almost as if he’s guilty before he’s even tried. I don’t even think since Watergate I’ve seen anything like this.

Sal: The “Establishment” is out to get him. This whole Russia thing was something that if it happened to Clinton or Obama, the media would have been up in arms. While Clinton has, for the most part a checkered past, the ball with investigations was being swept under the rug. I’m not saying that Trump is an angel, I’m just saying that he’s not evil. That’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for the country to get back to harmony and unity and working together. We have a congressman here, Peter King, and a congressman Tom Suozzi. One republican and one democrat. I’ve seen how they strive to work together. I have seen how they tried to cross the line together to get things done for our region. That’s what I’m looking for in an elected official.  People are going to cross the line for our region. I may be a registered republican, but I have voted for many democrats because I believe in the person. I believe in their ability to take care of what they have to take care. This country is not doing well right now, and if we don’t get control of the radical left and the radical right, we’re definitely headed down a bad path where there will never be harmony.

John: Many people are saying we’re not in a cold war with China, we are in a cold war with ourselves.

Sal: We are in a cold war with ourselves. We are allowing things to happen that we never would have allowed in the past. The right is boiling over, and the left is boiling over. Take these riots and the stuff that has happened in the Northwest. You have some politicians saying there’s no violence; Antifa didn’t do anything violent. I don’t know, but I guess what I’m really seeing is what it’s not considered violence anymore. Throwing a molotov cocktail isn’t considered violent anymore? 

John: Pathetic is what it is.

Sal: The Black Lives Matter movement right now has been hijacked by people that aren’t standing for what they are trying to achieve here. You want to eliminate racism, oppression and social injustice for minorities, meanwhile there are people using that as an opportunity to make trouble.

John: Some say it’s the foreign powers are getting involved.

Sal: I believe the Black Lives Matter movement is going to make a difference for the African American community and the minority communities. I think they will make a difference and people are waking up to it. I think I’m seeing it as a real problem in this country, and it is a moment that we can use to continue to strive for unity. I keep using that term, unity, but it’s my word. I just want unity and harmony. But then it gets hijacked by people who are doing things, and this is crazy, I don’t care if it’s right or left, it doesn’t matter, it’s crazy.

John: I’ve seen from my own experience, especially within your own company, There’s harmony and unity. Nobody sees color or anything like that. I know that what you stand for is authentic and I have seen it firsthand.

Sal: I don’t care what color you are. I care what’s in your heart. I care what kind of human being you are. As far as I’m concerned if you want to see only what’s on the outside, it’s only skin deep. The whole person is what’s on the inside, it doesn’t matter what religion, race, none of that stuff should matter. It should matter only what’s in a man or woman’s heart and what’s in their head. We in this country need to come together. It’s very scary and I’m worried for my children. I thank God my children are loving, good kids who want the same things for this country, but I worry because we have too many people who are messing things up for their own gain. 

I’d like to see a Common Sense Party started. I’d love to see you got a bunch of people in a room of all races and religions and creeds, and they would come together and say, “listen, what’s best for this country and us as human beings and individuals?” And we would come up with a consensus because we would use common sense. We would use our hearts and our minds and intelligence to do the right thing as a group of people. Not to do something that is about self-interest. There’s too much self-interest going on.

John: I know there are a lot of people who are trying to encourage you to run for office. Do you have any insight into that if you’ll pull the trigger on that?

Sal: I have a desire to serve one day, if I am needed to serve. The choice is going to be made for me one day. You asked a question a tough question. It’s hard to answer. There’s definitely, in my heart, a desire to serve and help my region and help this country, whether it is at the county or state or national level. But I can just as easily help by supporting elected officials tat I believe can do a great job. By helping them do a good job. 

Fortunately, on Long Island we have two great County Executives that care about this region deeply. They really do the best job they could possibly do. I’m proud of Long Island and you know through all this, we’ve maintained Law and Order. People have had an opportunity to protest and to speak their minds, and for the most part it’s been civil and it’s been peaceful. It shows the character of Long Island to me. That is great leadership. The great leaders in the movement too aon Long Island are doing the right thing. What do I, do I support the people and if my time comes and someone asks me to run, we’ll see where I’m at in life at that time. By the way my wife will have a big say that as well.

John: Oh yes, I know of course she’s your right-hand woman. 

Sal: My wife is a big part of my life. She is very special woman. She’s a very hard worker, dedicated mom and stepmom. She’s an amazing wife because she’s selfless. This goes back to my whole thing about what’s in your heart; that’s who she is, she is selfless. It’s always about other people and she’s also fun to be around, and she keeps me in line.

John: I know she’s an amazing woman. Sal, thank you for sharing. As always you know our readers and your fan always look forward to your next story. I like that you are very interested in the debates and I will be tapping your brain to see what you think of them shortly after the debates happen. Again, thank you for your time.

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