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Model Citizen VINCE McMahon

John Dowling: Vince congratulations on being nominated as a Model Citizen for Model Citizens Magazine December 2021.

Vincent McMahon: Thank you very much, it’s an honor to be in your magazine.

John Dowling: You were nominated because of your consistent efforts to help those struggling with handicaps or disabilities as well as your style of always taking the “High Road” or being the bigger man when faced with conflict. I understand that you have aspirations of becoming a full time model and actor. What is it about modeling and acting that intrigue you?

Vincent McMahon: It’s my pleasure, I’m glad to help out anyone in need. I really would hope to be a professional actor one day to not only entertain people but inspire people as well and also to share my creativity with the world and hopefully bring direction and hope to many people’s lives.

John Dowling: So acting and modeling is really just a means to continue to help people? Does this have anything to do with your strong religious beliefs or your martial arts disciplines?

Vincent McMahon: Yes, I hope to speak out and help guide people in the right direction. God and martial arts have helped me a lot in my toughest times and hopefully I’ll be able to spread the knowledge of what I learned to help others.