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Solutions To America’s Problems

John: Congratulations Steve on being nominated for Model Citizens Magazine. You are a former County Executive, an attorney and now an author. I understand that you have a new book.

Steve: I do and I’m very excited about it. It’s called, “Solutions to America’s Problems”, with the subtext being; “A Politically Incorrect Conservatives Take on How to Maintain America’s Greatness”.

It’s going to be in the nonfiction section of bookstores and also available on Amazon. You can go to my website stevelevy.Info  for more information

John: Tell us more about what this book is about, because you’ve been out of politics for a while now. For those readers who don’t know you were the former County Executive of Suffolk County, as far as I ever knew you did a wonderful job. Can you give me more details about the book, what do you think is going wrong and what do you think is going right, and how do you think we should fix it? Give us your Insight.

Steve: The point of the book was to put something out there that differentiates itself from the typical book that is yelling at the other side and basically restating what the problems are. We know what the problems are. 

John: What are the problems?

Steve: I delineate about fifteen or sixteen different chapters dealing with everything from climate change to our electoral process to the Supreme Court, which is very timely. This was written prior to the Ginsberg passing.

John: I think everyone knew she was on her way out. She had such an amazing life.

Steve: Right, right, and now that leaves all kinds of controversies. I also talk about foreign policy and how to deal with the Middle East crisis, which I wrote about prior to these latest peace proposals.

Zabbia on the 2020 Presidential Debate Results

The way I see it, our country is divided into three groups.  There are the die-hard Democrats, the die-hard Republicans, and then the undecided or swing voters. Since the Bush/Gore election, our country has become increasingly polarized.  It really began with Clinton and the impeachment and both sides sticking to their guns, but the contested election is what got us to where we are today.

Going into the debate, I made a comment that if Biden fumbles his way through the debate, this is all over. The swing voters will be uncomfortable with a President who has questionable stamina and the ability to think on his feet. If you use the fact that Joe Biden didn’t completely stumble, then he came out ahead. Like the experienced politician that he is, Biden didn’t answer the questions that he didn’t want to and instead spoke directly to the audience.  

Trump was Trump. He was direct, disregarded the moderator, and went after Joe Biden directly.  In some cases, he was debating both the moderator and his opponent, and never showed a sweat.  He relied on his record, avoided answering a few of the questions that he didn’t want to address, and was in full-on attack mode.  Some polls show that this was a good tactic for some audiences.

Supreme Court Supremacy?

On September 18th, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away at the age of 87. Ginsburg served as an associate justice for 27 years; she was nominated by President Bill Clinton in 1993. At the time she was brought into the Supreme Court, she was viewed as a moderate and later became more left-sided over time. President Clinton’s biggest reason for bringing Ginsburg in was to increase the diversity in the Supreme Court. Prior to her nomination, only one of the eight justices on the Supreme Court was a female. Clinton believed the addition of another female justice would be a good change and a change that the country needed.

Prior to Ginsburg’s passing, the Supreme Court sat six men and three women (including Ginsburg). Of the nine justices on the Court, five of the justices identified as Republicans, including Chief Justice John Roberts, while the other four identified as Democrats. Interestingly, all three female justices in the court happened to fall on the left side. Now that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed, the Supreme Court currently leans much more to the conservative side. President Trump recently nominated conservative federal appeals court judge, Amy Coney Barrett, to replace the late Ginsburg. Trump called it a “very proud moment”, stating Barrett was a woman of “towering intellect”. With Barrett’s nomination, the Supreme Court will sit six Republican justices, and only three Democrats, if she’s confirmed by the Senate.