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Model Citizen Margreit McInnis Reboot Update

Margreit: Although math was not really a strong subject for me in high school, I was in between opportunities in my early twenties, this was after the car accident I had when I was twenty. I knew some people in my family that I had been through some financial hardship and knowing that made me want to learn more about the industry. Strangely enough, the training for building my financial expertise came at the same time as my brain was recovering from the accident. I think I kind of connect my ability to learn and remember things during the training with my recovery. While I was working with Dreyfus Mutual Funds, I was about 25, and I remember that all of a sudden, I started to really understand everything I was being taught. I was able to remember and retain it all. For lack of a better term, it was as if my brain turned back on again and I guess some of the passion I feel comes from this evidence, in real-time, in real life, that I was actually recovering.

Model Citizen David Martin giving behind the scenes

John: Congratulation on your nomination as a model citizen for the September issue of Model Citizens Magazine.

David: Thank you so much it is an honor to me to be nominated.

John: You have been nominated because you are kind of a  behind the scenes guy. I show up at many Charities and see you bought a table, made a significant donation, and you never say anything about it. When did you first start supporting charities and why do you do it? 

David: Many years ago I was working for Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson at that time supported Muscular Dystrophy Association and the dealership would support the national and local MDA. The dealership would provide special events and with the help of the motorcycle community raise money. It made me feel good to provide support to people who are struggling. So I just kept on doing it and made it a lifestyle. 

John: I know you are support of The Ferro Foundation. Tell us why you are so passionate about the Ferro Foundation?

David: I first meet Sal while I was producing a sports internet radio show. His passion for sports provided a common interest. We meet again at the PinkTie Gala charity event. His passion for philanthropy inspired me to do more for our community and get more involved. The Ferro Foundation created a Scholarship fund to help Long Island students receive a college education. Providing a scholarship to students who meets certain community and academic qualifications. Being a Long Islander it was important to keep my efforts local to help our immediate community. So that sold me on the philanthropy lifestyle.

How to Start Your Life Over after a Crisis. Featured Story Sept 2020 Model Citizens Magazine

Eventually the quality of our society will be judged in history by the care we give to each other, not just on a local basis, but on a “country by country basis”. This is the first generation of the world to be living closer to three quarters of a century to a century. Most or at least at some point in our old age we become just as dependent on our societies as we once were on our own families. Not only when we “return to the cradle” in our older age, but also during the crisis we know we are going to have to face in life. From injury to disease, even world wide pandemics.

We could throw in their global warming, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, poverty, recessions and depressions, but at the end of the day learning that crisis are a part of life, no matter how much you plan or save, one day you can find yourself out of resources. You may even be limited in your ability to work, and have to choose what are the bare necessities you need in order to live. To put my health first and everything else on hold is not in any way easy. It seems that not only are our societies aware of this, but now this has become the most important aspect of politicians and the political system in the united states. How far are we going to go even taking advantage of others to get what we want. Isn’t that supposed to be a better quality of life for all of us? For our families! So how do we get there.

The Diversity Project Featuring host Rhonda Klch 103.9 Saturday 5pm.

Redesign to stay relevant! Sometimes it takes a horrific tragedy, like COVID -19 in order to really uncover the true meaning of re-design or re-branding in your business. If you are a small business like myself, using the new found “time” in your day to reflect on the current business relationships you have, review your business plan, check the balances on your bank account and determine where you can make the biggest impact is a priority.

For those that know me, my foundation and my mission – they know I love heading to events, ones I produce or where I am a guest and seeing people I know, some friends and some new acquaintance. I truly enjoy hearing about how people are doing in their business and how they create work-life balances, hoping they are thriving and then leave at the end of the night, fulfilled – a night of good networking and relationship building is good for everyone. Until now…