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Model Citizens Magazine October 2020

Model Citizens Magazine the October issue features some incredible model citizens including local lifeguard and Model Citizen Mike Gomes. Model Citizen & former Suffolk County Executive, author Steve Levy. Mike shares his story about this his first modeling shoot ever for B2BEspoke Men’s Clothier’s “A Man’s Guide to Fashion”.

The October issue of Model Citizens Magazine is the 2020 Elections Predictions issue as well as the Man’s Guide to Fashion issue. Alure home improvements CEO and model citizen Sal Ferro shares his views on how our government is doing during this election year. Rhonda Klch shares her views on some current issues and her passion for the Equity First Foundation.

There are a plethora of additional stories in this issue that we hope you enjoy. Note that any of these spreads and stories can be printed on fine art glossy, matt, satin, or canvas archival/museum-quality prints. Just click here to find out more. As always Live in Gratitude. Pay it Forward. Cherish your Chapters of love.

Presidential Debate 2020 Who won?

If you watched the first presidential debate I am sure you would agree that this was not very presidential. In fact, I would think that most of us would say it was a rude and unprofessional brawl. Childish name-calling by both candidates and dodging the facts while interrupting the moderator and each other. While former VP Biden maintained some form of courtesy President Trump came out swinging and as many athletes would say “he was all in and fought the battle on the field”.

Trying to actually make heads or tails of the actual information that was shared during the debate, it does not seem as if we learned anything new about either candidate. Nor did anything much in their individual plans and forward courses of action change from what they both have shared previously. However, there are a few items that we are left with still wondering what the truth is. For instance, Biden keeps saying that the millions of dollars paid to his son and the legitimacy of that was debunked. I do not see where it was debunked at all. In fact, to me, it actually seems that his son was paid by foreign interests specifically to win the political support of Joe Biden. I would love to see a hearing on that before the election, I believe that most American’s would have liked to have seen the actual evidence and see why he was paid with no previous experience at all.

That being said it seems as if no one really believes that politicians in the US are examples of the most ethical and moral people in our society anymore but the most devious who are supported by special interests, not what is best for the US at all. But what is best for those that support them. As many would say, just follow the money and you will see who these politicians are actually working for.

Where’s the Stimulus for the Hospitality Industry?

It’s no secret that restaurants are having a hard time. While the first stimulus package helped, and now the street and outside dining has helped keep many of them afloat, it appears that a good number of them are going under and there will be more to follow soon enough.

First off a very large part of society is just outright nervous or afraid to go out at all never mind to “somersault laden COVID-19 restaurants”. I know the few times I have gone out to eat, I always sit outside. When I can not sit outside, I check a few things first before entering. I always make sure that the restaurant is nearly empty. If it is full or has a larger capacity crowd even within COVID-19 limits, I just walk away. That makes me think that others are doing the same.

Rhonda Klch Politically Neutral

It’s the beginning of October and we are only weeks away from the 2020 presidential elections, but it is hard for me as a leader in the community to voice my opinion about our two candidates without confrontation. These days as soon as you voice a political opinion about anything, even from a politically neutral standpoint, you are attacked by the “opposing party”. Not even the “opposing opinion” just an attack by anyone who supports the “other candidate”. Even so, I do have the right to have my own voice and my own opinions. But, to share them with the outside public really only subjects me to ridicule and attack. 

So now when anyone asked me what my opinion is on a political issue or even who I am voting for in both local and national political campaigns, I simply withdraw from the conversation or change the topic. While my nomination as a model citizen and continuous contributions as a columnist to Model Citizens Magazine has given me a voice, it has also subjected me to ridicule, just like with my radio show, The Diversity Project. So all in all, staying on the safe side in a polarized political world, or being “Politically Neutral” as Model Citizens Magazine publisher John Dowling Jr. likes to put it, is a safe place to reside. 

While it is somewhat heartbreaking to admit that, I do have friends and business colleagues on both sides of the political divide. As a politically polarized society, there is a new cold war in the making, and I am not referring to the one between the US and China which has been brewing for decades now, I am referring to the cold war that exists now right here in America between the far left and the far right politically. To most anyone regardless of political affiliation or how moderate or liberal you are, we all recognize that as a country we are on two extremes of the spectrum. You are either ultra-conservative or a socialist. There is no more middle of the road liberal republicans or conservative democrats. We are in a political world where you are either with us on our entire political agenda, or you are the enemy, with them, the opposing party. 

We all should really stop and take hold of the fact that in this election cycle yet another seat in the Supreme Court is up for grabs, and it will determine just how far left or right our country goes for decades in the judiciary. The same polarization that is occurring in our society, with our politicians, and with us all, is also now expected to be represented in the Supreme Court. As I am sure you will agree, even judicial choices are based on political affiliations. Again, this is a full-blown cold war between the two parties. 

Model Citizen Terri Magro

John: I am with Terrie Magro, who is the founder of the Michael Magro Foundation. Terrie you have been nominated as a Model Citizen for all you do for charity and also for Long Island, congratulations.

Terrie: Thank you so much John, it’s an honor to be nominated and I’m very appreciative for this opportunity.

John:  Can you tell us about Michael? 

Terrie: Michael was my oldest son. He was born in 1990 and his brother Mark was 28 months later. So my two boys had a great relationship, they did everything together. At times they had some typical fighting, but they had a great life together. 

In 2004, Mark was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was going through cancer treatment at the Cancer Center for Kids at NYU Winthrop Hospital. He was just about completing his chemotherapy treatment and ready to start radiation when Michael, as I dub it, out of the clear blue sky, started feeling weak and presented with what seemed like the flu. This was at the end of May, and by June 8th he was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was actually ALL, which is the acronym for the type of Leukemia he had. It was a T-cell, a very aggressive cell and his age was against him. He was about 13 ½ at that time, and Mark was 11 when he was initially diagnosed. 

So Michael’s journey was very different from Marks. As difficult as Mark’s Journey was, through radiation and chemotherapy, Michael really had a very difficult time. His pulmonary system was really damaged through all of this, so Michael was actually diagnosed on June 8th of 2004, and he passed away on July 30th of 2004.

John: That’s a tragedy, I’m so sorry. 

Terrie: It was a whirlwind to say the least. People thought I was losing my mind because I started to talk about Michael and cancer treatment, and they were telling me, no you mean Mark, and I said no, unfortunately I mean Michael. 

Michael was a lot sicker than Mark, but their journeys were just horrific. Cancer treatments do a lot of good. There are so many survivors, and survival rates have gone up.

Model Citizen Greggory Gittens.

John: Greg, you’ve been nominated as a Model Citizen for the October issue of Model Citizen Magazine because of your service to our country and our community, and because of the way you have battled cancer and survived, twice.  For our readers could you first please share a little bit about what you have been through with your health and what your status is now?

Greg: Currently, I’m in remission from cancer. In 2013, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and immediately had to go into aggressive chemotherapy treatments for six months every 3-weeks having chemo sessions. I’ve made it through that.

John: What is it like to be on chemo, for someone who has never gone through it?

Greg: First I’d like to say I had a really good doctor, Dr. Gostanian of Medical Oncology,I must give her a lot of credit. She did warn me about my first chemo treatment brutal and would only get worse over time. It’s cumulative, a lot of people don’t know that.

John: A lot of people do not know anything about it. 

John: Is it a chemical or a pill?

Greg: It’s a chemical.

John: Wow. 

Greg: That’s why you need to be closely monitored for your heart and lungs issues, there can be scarring of the lungs and other side effects. What it does is it kills cancer, obviously, but it brings you close to death. 

John: Is it like I’ve heard where they bring you to the brink of death, so that they kill off all of the cancer cells they can, but it is still killing you slower than cancer?

Greg: You can’t stay on for too long, it actually does a lot of damage to your body, but it’s killing cancer at the same time. So it’s a good thing, but also a bad thing. A lot of people come out of it with a lot of side-effects that they must live with for the rest of their lives. Before I say anything else, I have to say I come from a family of seven. I had a single mother and I give her a lot of credit. She’s a very tough woman. I think that’s where I get my toughness from and my sense of tomorrow will be better, I get that from her.