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Model Citizen Nicoline Massa

John Dowling: Nicole congratulations on being nominated as a model citizen by Robert  Zabbia last year’s model citizen of the year. He nominated you for all of the work that you do with the Leukemia and the lymphoma society.

Nicole: Well I’m involved with many efforts in the philanthropic community but I believe I first heard of Model Citizens Magazine and you at Asaf German’s Ferrari fundraiser.

John Dowling: Yes I did donate my time at that event, I believe you were quite busy but we did meet if I am not mistaken. 

Nicole: I was Asaf’s campaign manager.

John Dowling: That’s probably why he had so many fans and raised records amount of donations.

Nicole: I was also at the Gala at the Heritage Club that you photographed as well. 

John Dowling: I believe when his team was holding up the numbered cards with the entire amount he raised you were stage as well. 

Nicole: I actually think I might have been.

John Dowling: Then I definitely have photos of you.

Nicole: Okay.

John Dowling: So, you got started with charity work when?

Nicole: So I always did work for LLS. But in 2014, right when I graduated from college, I started working at the leukemia lymphoma society.