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Margreit Jupp McInnis New Years Interview

John: I am here with the one and only Margreit McInnis. Hey Margreit, everybody wants to know how you are doing?

Margreit: Hi John, I’m pretty good. How are you?

John: I’m good, thank you. So, I understand that you have had some recent changes take place in your life. Didn’t you reunite with a past flame? 

Margreit: Yes, I did reunite with someone I dated a couple of summers ago.

John: It’s kind of a big deal, isn’t it?

Margreit: For us, yes. We are really enjoying spending time together. 

John: It’s always good news when someone finds a new chapter of love or unites with an old one.

Margreit: Yes, absolutely I agree.

John: With that said, what’s been going on in your professional life?

Margreit: I have a few things going on. First, I’m continuing to work on my second book in my three-book series which is based on my great, great grandfather’s adventurous true story. I have to admit that I had horrible writers block over the summer when I was trying to get the second book started after publishing the first one in February 2020. So, it’s a little bit delayed and I’m definitely behind schedule but, happily, I broke through the tough writer’s block and so now things are flowing. I’m hoping to launch it by the end of January.

John: Now this is your novel Runaway At Sea?

Take Control of Your Life With An Unlikely Partner

I promise I am not going to start this article by saying things like, what a terrible year this has been! Will this ever end? Isn’t there anyone who can reboot 2020, turn it off, and back on again? No, I am not going there. Instead, I am going to ask you to close your eyes and visualize a busy highway in the evening. I know this may seem a little strange, but just go with me on this one.

It is nighttime, and all the lanes are filled, but traffic is flowing nicely. There is a plethora of red and white lights that are glowing like twinkling stars. It is quiet but for the sound of a gentle wind. 

Now think back to a time when you have felt stress. Maybe it was something small like you got into the shower and realized you have no shampoo, you were late for work, or you have teenage children. Perhaps it was more significant and life-altering like the death of a loved one or the breakup of a marriage. 

How are the highway and your stress connected? Well, when you feel stress, whether it is big or small, your body goes to work by releasing hormones and starting processes to help you manage. These natural chemicals and neurotransmitters are jolted into action as if they got a green traffic light. It happens when you feel things like annoyance, happiness, excitement, sadness, or anger. When you feel these emotions, you may notice that your heart starts pounding, maybe you get a stomach or headache, you sweat, or your face turns red. These real symptoms are the result of your natural response systems, and guess what? You can affect the outcome, to make the good better, and lessen the bad.  

Model Citizen Margreit McInnis Reboot Update

Margreit: Although math was not really a strong subject for me in high school, I was in between opportunities in my early twenties, this was after the car accident I had when I was twenty. I knew some people in my family that I had been through some financial hardship and knowing that made me want to learn more about the industry. Strangely enough, the training for building my financial expertise came at the same time as my brain was recovering from the accident. I think I kind of connect my ability to learn and remember things during the training with my recovery. While I was working with Dreyfus Mutual Funds, I was about 25, and I remember that all of a sudden, I started to really understand everything I was being taught. I was able to remember and retain it all. For lack of a better term, it was as if my brain turned back on again and I guess some of the passion I feel comes from this evidence, in real-time, in real life, that I was actually recovering.