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Kershel Anthony High-Risk Behaviour

When I was just a sixth grader and walking home from school for one of the first times on my own, I happened to pass a bicycle that was out for garbage collection. As I walked passed it I saw a modified frame, an engine, and all kinds of cool “gears and mechanisms” I had not seen before. As the super geek I was, I took the beat up and rusty framed “mini-bike” or “motorized-bike” and brought it to my garage where I started with my father’s help, some elbow grease and a bit of Noxon, and started to polish up the frame. When the frame was all polished it looked pretty cool actually. A few can’s of spray paint later the frame looked brand new. 

I new nothing about engines but the local lawn mower shop did. They also sold motorcycles and other hand crafted motorbikes and they new exactly what parts I would need to get the thing running. I mean it looked like someone had glued on some parts to a welded and stretched out bike frame with a throttle on the handle bars and of course no brakes. 

Once I figured out how to put the thing together my father helped me tune the engine and we took her to the Nassua County Coliseum parking lot and with a few pushes she kicked over and I was off. Not just putting around but by the time it hit about 45 both my father and I knew that this thing was going to vibrate to pieces, so I road her in circles until she putted out of gas and I coasted to a stop.

That was it, I was completely hooked. I mean as they say in the movies I had the need for speed! And with that, I polisher her up again, and this became a weekly ritual. Well weekly until the engine blew up and caught fire and the entire thing melted into one glob. Dad decided we would just leaver her to burn and we got out of there. 

I was devastated but dad had a plan, we would get a motorcycle from the lawnmower shop and I would be back in business. Only this new motorcycle was much different, as it was a real motorcycle what they called a Rupp mini motorcycle. This baby had wings and what was 35-40 mph quickly became 45-55mph with the ability to pop wheelies and jump, jump just about anything.

Kershel Anthony LIVE at Adventureland!

Sometimes you just have to stop in the middle of an interview and wipe the mosquitos from your leg no matter what you do to the camera and the shot. No longer is it the air-conditioned studio or amazing restaurant as the set for interviews but parks and beaches. Even outside Model Citizens Offices.

In this case our socially distant makeshift studio was completely closed, iconic, Long Island Amusement Park, Adventureland. Yes Model Citizen Kershel Anthony brought his This is my Swag Foundation members to Adventureland for Model Citizens Magazine to produce his TV commercial and promotional photos for his upcoming event there. This socially disetant event will be much different than others.

Kershel Anthony has rented out the giant theater in the parking lot behind the park for a once in a lifetime event. That’s right the entire ginormous parking lot that has the huge dance stage across from the entrance to the park! Kershel and his This is My Swag foundation members are going to socially dance themselves into the future with music, and entertainment, and hundreds of children dancing safely together. Saturday, October 17th from 9 am till noon be prepared for fun!

Model Citizen Kershel Anthony Supporting the Homeless

John: I’m here with Kershel Anthony who is a Model Citizen and founder of his own charity called THIS IS MY SWAG foundation which benefits children right? 

Kershel: Yes, thank you. It actually benefits Children of all ages their schools and communities  that don’t have the funding to  provide important programs such as physical education, social emotional learning & leadership programs. What we also do is partner with other organizations in the community to support the homeless, churches  and children hospitals. 

John: What is it that inspires you to want to help children in schools, children’s hospitals and the homeless?

Kershel: I’m just a passionate person. I believe I’ve always wanted to help people. I think, for me in my life, growing up through my childhood I felt like I needed more help and guidance. I had struggles , many unanswered questions. I was confused. Many of my classmates were going through their own struggles. Don’t get me wrong , I had a good childhood. Great community , good schooling. I can only imagine those who didnt  have that , their struggle . growing into a young man I met people that used their power and passion for the good. It wasn’t about the money , it was about the movement for them. I wanted to be that. I turned my passion for dance to a passion to impact the community using my talent .I’m blessd  to create a foundation where I can pinpoint trouble situations, raise money and be able to answer and provide  for whatever’s going on.