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Hope for 2021 – John Dowling.

I hope that 2021 will bring us all a new beginning. A new beginning where we all appreciate what we have with our society despite its flaws. That we once again we learn that just like with all of the challenges 2020 held for us with Covid, that we are soon going to be through it. Let’s hope that our political leaders will again give it a go at working together for what is best for our country, not what is best for their re-elections.

Let’s hope that while we think of the “one for all and the all for one” mentality, we also recognize that you can not continually take from one family and give to another where class wars start within our society. That whether rich or poor you have to work, and you have to think of the Alpha and the neediest in your flock or you will not survive. Yes, we are all in this together, but we do have our own self to consider just as much as we consider all. 

I do not think that any of us want to be living in “The Social States of America”, we have all grown quite accustomed to The United States of America. So let’s not allow fear to overcome our lives. Neither fear of the pandemic, nor fear of the new president and his apparent attempt at unifying the two parties to once again cooperate first and have healthy debating, not all-out “civil wars” with each other. We have learned from math and the movie “A Beautiful Mind” that what is best for the Alpha is not what is best for the group, what is best for the group and the alpha is what makes the most successful outcomes. Let’s look at the universal basic income of some variety as a temporary solution to welfare programs, unemployment, and poverty as a real solution (same as stimulus programs or very similar) but let’s not bankrupt our future generations by going too far into debt. Let’s hope the right and the left realize that we are in the same country and we all depend on each other. That includes our health care and our quality of life. As I have shared throughout the year, how we take care of each other will be how future generations judge our own, not what type of car we drive, or how opulent our chandeliers are. 

Chapters Of Love

The love was gone and she lay empty in my arms like a ghost with no heartbeat. I was falling endlessly into the dark eternity of despair, not knowing just how far the crack in my heart would grow, or if the gap would be beyond repair. Years of emptiness and lost hope were my daily companions. I was alone and unwilling to settle for anyone less than my soul mate and then I met her. But how far had the cracks in her heart grown? Was her smile just a front to hide her own pain? She was no stranger to betrayal and her heart was also challenged. This she shared candidly, when I first met her. And of course, I saw it in her eyes. Maybe the cracks in her heart is what attracted me to her, as I am so accustomed to rescuing broken hearts, as I recklessly expose my own.

I have fooled myself before, blurring the lines between love and despair. What is it about the fluttering of a broken wing that blurs my vision? After so many years of shielding my wounds have I healed? How is it even possible that after so much pain and betrayal I could even consider trying again? Why her? How could this possibly be happening, or was it just in my imagination? What is it about these chapters of love that can be so painful that it takes years to recover, if ever? I do not know if I can or if she is even willing, but she could be the one that will bring some sense or meaning to the years of waiting, hoping and longing for a true soul mate. Is love even under our own control? Is it beyond our own capacity to limit or create, or is it simply destiny? Why would she ever choose me? I am so flawed. Even as I write this I know that beauty like hers, both inside and physically is a once in a lifetime encounter.

My heart has not been my own since as long as I can remember. Maybe the pain was just too much for it to heal. When you do not own your own heart, how can you even offer it again? Does this happen to everyone after losing love? After believing I am living in a world of brokenhearted people, maybe I have literally become one of them myself. I see it everywhere like an emotional plague. So what makes me think that I am immune to the same plight as all of those I see around me who appear to be heartless. Is it just that they too have cracks in their own hearts, so deep, so wounded they cannot go back? So why? Why does my heart bring me here again? Is it possible that time does heal all wounds?

Life Behind the Lens

Life behind the lens is a blessing. I still can not believe where my art and photojournalism has brought me. From New Year’s Eve front and center main stage Times Square NYC to exotic European cities like Paris and Venice. My love for people has always lead me to pay tribute to the human figure especially the female figure. I can remember every instant from every photo, from my entire life. It’s amazing to me how many portraits and people I have met on my creative journey.

How to be an Instagram Model Featuring Heather Felix

Social media is an essential tool for building your brand, making connections, and finding work. In fact, it’s become so important that many top modeling agencies now require their models to be on social media. Here’s how you can use Instagram to further your modeling career and your business.

Instagram is like a modern-day photographic portfolio. Whether you like modeling or photography or anything else you are passionate about, social media is your online portfolio. You define your personal style and let your Instagram grid or photo album display it. Don’t just show us your but (as so many Instagram influencers do) show us your personality and what interests you. Anyone can accumulate likes and views by taking off most of their clothes, but to use Instagram to obtain tangible results, bookings, and reach to major brands you need to define who you are. It certainly does not hurt to show your but, however, unless you are endorsing lingerie your views and likes may not translate into bookings.

Stimulus plan or Universal Basic Income for all.

Universal basic income is having a moment. An idea that has long percolated in different parts of the world is now the source of more serious conversation in the U.S. after Andrew Yang made it a centerpiece of his campaign, calling his version the “Freedom Dividend.” These days although no one on either political party is saying it, the stimulus package is basic Federal Universal Income for everyone. Long looked at as the SOCIALIST AGENDA, became main stream political reality.

The government is paying out direct payments to every citizen, regardless of their income. Proponents say the UBI could eliminate poverty, simplify the social safety net and help create an economy that better allows everyone to discover and achieve their true potential. To critics, it’s a massive giveaway that’s destined to cripple the economy and create a generation of shiftless dependents unable to support themselves.

How to Start Your Life Over after a Crisis. Featured Story Sept 2020 Model Citizens Magazine

Eventually the quality of our society will be judged in history by the care we give to each other, not just on a local basis, but on a “country by country basis”. This is the first generation of the world to be living closer to three quarters of a century to a century. Most or at least at some point in our old age we become just as dependent on our societies as we once were on our own families. Not only when we “return to the cradle” in our older age, but also during the crisis we know we are going to have to face in life. From injury to disease, even world wide pandemics.

We could throw in their global warming, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, poverty, recessions and depressions, but at the end of the day learning that crisis are a part of life, no matter how much you plan or save, one day you can find yourself out of resources. You may even be limited in your ability to work, and have to choose what are the bare necessities you need in order to live. To put my health first and everything else on hold is not in any way easy. It seems that not only are our societies aware of this, but now this has become the most important aspect of politicians and the political system in the united states. How far are we going to go even taking advantage of others to get what we want. Isn’t that supposed to be a better quality of life for all of us? For our families! So how do we get there.