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Free and Fair Elections? How with Covid19

Free and fair presidential elections with COVID just seems like an impossible task with all of the data that needs to be collected manually, sorted, and then validated. With the presidential election only weeks away and COVID proving to be as resilient as predicted, how are mail-in votes of this volume going to be counted? We are estimating between seventy-five million to ninety million mail-in votes. Forget about the postal issues, and just think about what it takes to manually count that many votes!

I am totally an optimist as life has already proven to be a “very positive” experience. But, no matter how I try to resolve this effort, I just do not see it happening the way a Democracy would want it to happen. I still can not wrap my head around how in a COVID world we are going to pull this off. The country is so polarized, to begin with, that you can lose a friend you had for a lifetime over a conflicting political opinion, never mind if a vote counts or shouldn’t! I mean if you want to start the grand debate of all time, disagree with what votes should count and which ones shouldn’t. Now multiply that scenario tens of millions of times. If Biden wins I guarantee you that we will hear these concerns