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Model Citizen CJ Forker LexJet

John: Hey CJ, just wanted to congratulate you on being nominated as a model citizen and thank you for all the support you provide not only to the creative community but to my creative endeavors as well. As you know, I am a huge fan of your products and your company. Please share with us how you got started in this industry.

CJ Forker: Hey John. Thanks John. We enjoy what we do and are always looking for ways to collaborate and help those in our industry. Personally, it was by happenstance. A friend of mine was a caddy for an employee years ago and that’s how I found out about LexJet. 16 years later and I’m still here. On the company side, our owners figured out early on when inkjet was just becoming available, how to effectively add color to braille signage (aka polycarbonate). That’s the a ha moment. The “Lex” in our name is derived from Lexan and the “Jet” is derived from inkjet.

John: A truly entrepreneurial start and now with 16 years under your belt, I’m told your truly the guru all things Lexjet. How does it make you and your team feel knowing your helping artists like myself facilitate the unique look to their art because your metallic paper and full service approach of supporting artists is truly an amazing combination for us artists. First off my work only shows the way it was meant to be seen on your sunset papers and your service and knowledge base across your whole team is really unparalleled to anything I’ve experienced industry wide.

CJ Forker: It’s all around a great experience, and we strive for that in everything we do. When someone can turn to you looking for guidance or advice on something that can be so personal or subjective, and together you can hit that mark, it’s special. We pay a lot of attention to feedback and the experience. It helps drive new solutions, products, and connects all of our teams.