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Model Citizens Magazine Couple Of The Year Chris and Colleen Cassar

Colleen Cassar: We met in the summer of 1986. At that time, Chris was in between his 1st and 2nd year of law school. After a few months of dating, we fell in love and decided to take the necessary steps and sacrifices to eventually marry after his graduation. Chris studied every night and didn’t have time for gainful employment so I started working as much as I could to save money to marry. He graduated in 1988, passed the NY Bar 1989 and then we were married the summer on 1989.

For the first 2 years of our marriage and 1 1/2 years prior, Chris worked at the Brooklyn Legal Aid Society where he obtained courtroom experience and trial advocacy in the area of criminal law.  I was working in the accounting dept of a private corporation where I was trained by the CEO of the company. By 1991 our first child Christopher was a year and a half and the need for more income was evident. So, with the help of family, we signed an office lease and took a leap of faith and opened our law practice – just a lawyer and a secretary – Chris & Colleen.

Now, 30 years later, we have a small what we like to call boutique law firm with 4 lawyers, a law school graduate (our son Christopher) and a support staff of 6 people. Many of our staff have been with us over 20 years.

Managing Risk and Surviving Crisis Featuring Model Citizen Chris Cassar

Yes, it comes in all different kinds of settings. I deal with people that are at their worst crises. They may be getting arrested, getting divorced or need an order of protection from a spouse or loved one. Maybe they have been in a car accident, are injured and as a result they don’t have their income or medical coverage. Sometimes it’s not in a legal context, or in the courtroom, but sometimes it’s in terms of bad publicity in the public area. We try to bring all of our resources to help that individual get through a particular crisis.

The courts in Suffolk County, the majority of the courts, really are filled with excellent and really hard working people. You always get one or two bad apples, and as a result people focus on that, but you have very strong and dedicated Judges on the bench that do their job, especially through this crisis. They are putting in longer hours, trying to address this crisis and they come from a different perspective. They try to address it from the bench. Also, you have cross-endorsement here in Suffolk County. When a judge is cross endorsed, the political leaders have chosen that individual and they’re going to be the judge.