Model Citizens Magazine Long Island Feb-March 2021


In honor of Women’s History Month and women’s entrepreneurship, QBO Help a new entrepreneurial bookkeeping and management consulting partnership is being recognized as a Model Citizen Partnership. Three women who gave up their corporate lives for a company of their own. Despite the risk and covid19, these veterans of bookkeeping and management consulting bring complementary strengths and experience to provide the best service offering in the industry. Hands down, great value.

But why with Covid19 and so much uncertainty would three corporate executives leave their positions to start a new company? A few reasons, first off they felt the largest providers of services in the industry are not making the grade, they are simply not providing the level of professional service that they are all used to providing. That means that there are clients out there across the country who need help and that there are few companies who provide virtual services quite as good as this team of women. Christine Cooper the Chief Operating Officer and Managing partner and her CFO/CPA Partner Kaylynn Dalebout as well as their Chief Marketing Officer & EVP of Real-Time Service Ashley Smith.

“We are three women who came together to build something better! We saw that there was a need and we decided to build our own team to offer a better quality of service not available anywhere else, virtually”. –  CHRISTINE COOPER COO FOUNDER

John: Christine, what is the name of this company? 

Christine: QBO Help LLC

John: What made you decide to work together? 

Christine: We all complement each other with our strengths. As a team, we can provide superior levels of service 24/7 and we both support and train our clients as a team. 

Kaylynn: Christine and I both worked on our own, and it is hard-wearing all the hats that are needed to be successful. Thinking of everything that needs to be done and doing everything that needs to be done all the time 24/7 is exhausting. Things that Christine loves to do are the things that I prefer not to, having a partner that loves doing the things that I don’t is a game-changer. Just like any team, sometimes when you work together you find ways to create more value by specializing. 

Ashley: I saw right away that both Christine and Kaylynn are very talented and have a strong work ethic that matched mine. I also noticed that they were so busy successfully delivering the product to our customers that they needed somebody to run the behind-the-scenes tasks to support them to keep up with the demand and grow. 

John: So, as a team, you departmentalize your task based on your skill sets. Christine, it sounds like you are operating the day-to-day of the company, Kaylynn, you are managing the finances, and Ashley, you are handling the marketing, web development, and communications.

John: How did you all meet? 

Kaylynn: November 2019, Ashley and I met on a 7-day mission trip to Ocotal, Nicaragua with Get Strong Ministries. During our seven days in Ocotal, we were able to serve at a women’s shelter, pray with the locals, do home visits, create relationships, and have Bible studies with those interested! 

Ashley: Kaylynn then invited me out to Wyoming to see Yellowstone, and I couldn’t pass it up! Since then, we have been in touch. 

Kaylynn: December 2019, I got hired on at Intuit, where I met Christine. We worked together for 14 months. During our time at Intuit, we saw that there was a need and opportunity to provide high-level customer service supporting QuickBooks. So after 14 months, we both quit and started QBO Help. 

Christine: Many big companies these days struggle to provide quality customer service, and customers get lost in the crowd. It is nice to call and speak to someone about your problem and know that you are getting the help you need when you need it from an expert that has 35 plus years experience. 

John: Tell me about your family 

Kaylynn: I am a single mom of four kids, including a set of twins. I also have two dogs, two cats, and a hamster while running my Clockwork Accounting & Financial Services firm in Wyoming. 

Ashley: Two years ago, we sold our house in California, bought our dream 5th wheel, and moved to Texas, where my husband currently goes to school full time. During my husband’s school breaks, we travel. We have 3 dogs and just welcomed our first child in Feb 2021. 

Christine: I have 2 children, 39 and 36 years old. I have been married to my husband for 10 years and currently building our dream home in Waxhaw, North Carolina. 

John: Heartwarming… All very heartwarming…Where do you see the company a year from now? 

Kaylynn: Honestly, I believe we will double in size from what we are right now. 

John: Ashley, what is your role in helping the company grow? 

Ashley: I am responsible for making our clients feel like they are our only client. I follow up with each client after a training/bookkeeping session, reschedule any clients that need assistance or have canceled. I also reach out to our clients for reviews and explain our referral rewards program, along with handling all our social media and customer service. Customer happiness is my main priority. 

John: Tell me more about the scope of QBO Help. For example, do you help businesses with their accounts receivable?

Christine: If a business owner has a pain point such as accounts receivable and it is something that they need assistance with, then we can provide that service for them. 

John: Is there a specific company/industry you work with? 

Christine: Within the past 25 years of bookkeeping, I have been able to gain a WIDE range of experience. If there is an industry that I am unfamiliar with, there is a big chance that Kaylynn has experience within that industry. There is uniqueness within each industry and we LOVE the opportunity to add new industries/companies to our profile. 

John: Why would someone go to QBO Help, instead of QuickBooks? 

Kaylynn: That is a great question! When customers connect with a Certified Advanced ProAdvisor from QBO Help, they get a live representative who exceeds their expectations in terms of value, customer service, and solutions to their problems every time! 

Christine: We provide customized financial solutions and services beyond just bookkeeping that allows the company to grow financially. Our knowledge and customer service are what sets us apart from other companies. We build a relationship with our customers and help them use the information we provide monthly to develop their business throughout the year rather than only being able to help them around tax time! QBO Help provides a CFO-level service within our bookkeeping service, which allows companies to grow and reach their short and long-term goals.

John: Thank you for sharing with me today the passion that QBO Help has for helping your customers achieve their financial goals. As far as model citizens magazine is concerned we know that this team is excellent as we have already referred them to many clients and they always get rave reviews. We hope to continue to share QBO Help’s story and wish you all continued success with this 100% FEMALE OWNED partnership.

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