TV or Social Media Product or Service Commercial Spot 30 second, 60 second, and under 3 minute cuts provided.


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Accompanying social media posts and announcements or for paid video ads, shorter videos are required. Especially for social media and websites, depending on the value of the underlying message from the individual or company who is the subject matter of these TV or Social Media advertisement videos. Both as vignettes and strategically cut tv commercials these videos are often used to gain attention to a social media post. More effective in telling stories with or without sound these videos are produced specifically with the viewer in mind. We produce these for those pre-listening stage and post-volume on stages. Take a “none listen” with the sound off,  and then turn on the sound. Remember all of these videos are posted with narratives like the one you are reading right now. These videos are often produced with large text and subtitles as you see in our other productions, using motion graphics.

Video Length: 60 Seconds
Interviews/Testimonials: 2 Interviews or Testimonials
Locations: 1 Location
Revisions: 2 Edits
HD Production: Single Camera 4k
Shooting Hours: Up to 4 Shooting Hours
Scripting Pre-Production: 3 Hours Scripting & Storyboarding
Voice Overs: Up to 1.5 Hour Sound Design and Voice over recording
Motion Graphics: Basic Titling Up to 1 hour Title and motion graphics
Steadicam Operator: 1 Hour Steadicam operation
Drone Operator: Up to 30 minutes Raw Drone Footage
Color Grading: Up to 1 Hour Color Grading
Travel Time: Up to 1 Hour Travel Time
Hair and Makeup: Subject camera ready
Talent:  Price commensurate with skills
Special Effects: $250/hour
Timeline: Typically takes 7 days to book shoot
Turnaround Time: 1-3 business days
Delivery : Finished product via internet File Sharing


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