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Presidential Debate 2020 Who won?

Who won the first presidential debate of the 2020 Election?

If you watched the first presidential debate I am sure you would agree that this was not very presidential. In fact, I would think that most of us would say it was a rude and unprofessional brawl. Childish name-calling by both candidates and dodging the facts while interrupting the moderator and each other. While former VP Biden maintained some form of courtesy President Trump came out swinging and as many athletes would say “he was all in and fought the battle on the field”.

Trying to actually make heads or tails of the actual information that was shared during the debate, it does not seem as if we learned anything new about either candidate. Nor did anything much in their individual plans and forward courses of action change from what they both have shared previously. However, there are a few items that we are left with still wondering what the truth is. For instance, Biden keeps saying that the millions of dollars paid to his son and the legitimacy of that was debunked. I do not see where it was debunked at all. In fact, to me, it actually seems that his son was paid by foreign interests specifically to win the political support of Joe Biden. I would love to see a hearing on that before the election, I believe that most American’s would have liked to have seen the actual evidence and see why he was paid with no previous experience at all.

That being said it seems as if no one really believes that politicians in the US are examples of the most ethical and moral people in our society anymore but the most devious who are supported by special interests, not what is best for the US at all. But what is best for those that support them. As many would say, just follow the money and you will see who these politicians are actually working for.

I am hearing from many of our Model Citizens – that given a choice, they would not want to vote for either candidate. Many believe that the republican party as a whole is taking the US in the correct direction, even while saying that they do not like president Trump and the man that he is. In fact I think we have all seen president Trump say himself that people just do not seem to like him.

Whether you like President Trump or not, I do not think that any of us could argue that he is taking on issues one at a time and making progress. Yes, there are issues. Yes, not everything is working, but he is addressing the issues. He is far from perfect, in fact, model citizens who are neutral, democrats, republicans, and independents all agree that he is quite imperfect. They mostly agree that his style is aggressive and can be off-putting, but he is doing what he promised to do when he was elected, put America and American’s first, and the rest of the world next. But this is about who won the debate not a character referendum on POTUS, or is it?

No matter what the polls may say or what anyone says, there is no doubt in my mind and most of the model citizen’s minds that both candidates made valid points. While Joe Biden says he would re-join the Paris Agreement, Trump made a very valid point. Why should we join the Paris agreement when countries like India, China, and Russia are not being held to the same standards as the US, hurting our economy?
That is an extremely valid point. I did not hear a response from VP Joe Biden at all to that extremely valid concern. Of course, we want back in, we just want every country especially China and India to have to play by the same rules. Further, VP Joe Biden does not have much of any support from the law enforcement community, why? Why does President Trump have the support of the Military and the law enforcement community? Is POTUS catering to those communities or is it that the democrats are simply allowing the anarchy to continue in order to help support their own agenda?

Then we have the economy, from what we hear from the Republican party and from what the stats show, we have had a booming economy during the Trump administration until Covid hit.

POTUS did shut down the economy to save lives very early on. He did try to keep the country going as long as he could, and then did approve stimulus plans, and set up hospitals to treat every potentially sick American all over the country in record time. It almost seems like the Democratic party and the Democrats, in general, want to screw up the economy by limiting commerce just to undermine what POTUS is doing, and to stall the economy and the recovery until after the election. It just seems as if the gloves are off.

We did not have a debate we witnessed an argument between two candidates with a moderator who simply was not a powerful enough moderator to moderate. I would think that no matter what you think of POTUS, you have to agree that if you were attacked as much as Trump, you would come out swinging as well.

When Trump’s taxes were again brought up, I can not say anyone would disagree. Trump claims that he did everything by the tax code, and he paid as little taxes as possible. I do not know anyone who would want to pay more taxes than they had to. Now I do not even begin to claim to understand our Tax code, in fact, I do believe it is a mess. I still do not know whatever happened to the flat tax, that sure seems like the easiest and best solution. But again this is about the debate and who won.

I do believe that while POTUS was rude and did not follow the rules, that he won. Unfortunately, that does not mean we the people have won. Our founding fathers warned us what would happen if we ever found ourselves in a two-party political system, that everything would be a fight. Nothing would get done, and the party in power would be a “temporary dictatorship” forcibly getting their agenda pushed through and disregarding almost everything the opposing party put forward.

That is exactly what seems to be happening now. Our system is as outdated and “dysfunctional” as ever. Why do we have a system where we have to vote for a party and a president and then support every policy they have? I do not think anyone wants Roe versus Wade changed, and at the same tie have to accept other Republican Agendas. And at the same time, there are those that want to see Roe Versus Wade changed but they do not want to abandon the Paris Agreement. Again we are in a Cold War within our own country and debates or not, we have to have more ethical and professional candidates who follow rules, common courtesy, and morality.

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