We are a for-profit organization, we are grateful for the opportunity to continue to publish Model Citizens Magazine and appreciate your support. Nominating a model citizen is simple. Simply fill out the form below. In order to nominate a model citizen, you must be a former model citizen, or a board member of a 5013c. Please use our contact form to nominate a model citizen and in the message body write why you believe the individual is a Model Citizen.

Our goals

We believe in a world where we should recognize real model citizens who have overcome adversity to make living in gratitude and giving a lifestyle. Our mission is to create world class content, share authentic stories, provide opinions and updates on current events and news, in order to empower our model citizens to continue to make a difference for this generation and the next. We do that, by creating fine art photographs, organic and authentic interviews, 4k and 5k raw video highlights and compelling news and human interest stories.

Who You Can Nominate

Model Citizens Magazine Honorary Board

Model Citizens Magazine has honorary board members who are philanthropists who have made giving a lifestyle. Our board members are for the most part angels who remain anonymous to the model citizens community. in order to become a recognized model citizen you must be nominated and a minimum of two board members, model citizens, or executive board members of 5013c’s must second your nomination.

Executive Directors and Board Members 5013c’s

Executive Directors and board members of Long Island and New York City 5013c’s are also provided the opportunity to nominate model citizens. While this is not the traditional way model citizens are recognized, when 5013c’s want to recognize a model citizen who has gone up and above the call of duty for its organization, we do make one off exceptions and allow nominations.

Previous Model Citizens

All model citizens from the original issues until the current ones are allowed the opportunity to nominate model citizens in future issues. This is the most common way in which model citizens are nominated. All model citizens each year and prior years are provided 1 vote for the Model Citizen of the Year awards once they are a model citizen and all model citizens for the current year are automatically entered into the Model Citizen of the Year Awards in March.


What Model Citizens Say

The model citizen stories are amazing and the world class photographs and videos the finest quality anywhere.

Sal Ferro CEO Alure Home Improvements

The entire idea of Model Citizens Magazine is amazing heart warming and I am honored to be sharing this nomination with all of those we support.

Rosario Cassata CEO The Cassata Foundation

Recent Posts

  • Model Citizens Magazine Long Island Feb-March 2021
    It is once again our honor to share with you this the February and March issues of Model Citizens Magazine. We combined the February and March issues due to Covid affecting aour team and our families. Family first always. We are back to our publishing schedule on a monthly basis with the April Issue. In 2021 the publishing schedule may vary a bit depending on Covid19 and the effects on our team, families, and society, but generally we publish the week of the 15th every month. As always live in gratitude, pay it forward, and cherish your Chapters of Love.
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    What about Covid19 and dogs? Read more about how to care for your pet and rescues during this unprecedented time in our society.
    In honor of Women’s History Month and women’s entrepreneurship, QBO Help a new entrepreneurial bookkeeping and management consulting partnership is being recognized as a Model Citizen Partnership. Three women who gave up their corporate lives for a company of their own. Despite the risk and covid19, these veterans of bookkeeping and management consulting bring complementary strengths and experience to provide the best service offering in the industry. Hands down, great value. But why with Covid19 and so much uncertainty would three corporate executives leave their positions to start a new company? A few reasons, first off they felt the largest providers of services in the industry are not making the grade, they are simply not providing the level of professional service that they are all used to providing. That means that there are clients out there across the country who need help and that there are few companies who provide virtual services quite as good as this team of women. Christine Cooper the Chief Operating Officer and Managing partner and her CFO/CPA Partner Kaylynn Dalebout as well as their Chief Marketing Officer & EVP of Real-Time Service Ashley Smith.

Become a Model Citizen

Please click on the button below and fill out the contact information in the contact form. In the message body please write a paragraph of who you are nominating and why they are a model citizen.

Model Citizens Magazine Video Highlights / social media video for the Bohlsen Restaurant Group – PRIME Steakhouse Huntington New York.
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