Model Citizens Magazine July 2020

MOdel Citizens Magazine July 2020

Model Citizens Magazine Stories

Model Citizens July issue features Hulk Hogan on the cover and his passion for Pinktie.org, The Boys and Girls Club, Make A Wish foundation, and a host of other passions. This issue came at a very challenging time in US history as tens of millions of Americans were furloughed or fired because of the coronavirus and filed for unemployment. In the middle of the pandemic, Black Lives Matter became the dominant news story after a police officer clearly killed an unarmed black US Citizen as other officers just watched him die. At the same time anarchists seemed to have infiltrated the black lives matter movement, and way too many of the protests became violent and many believed that the protestors became anarchists creating havoc nationwide.

As if this was not enough going on in July of 2020, social media networks started to seriously censor their members including president trump and publisher John Dowling shares his story about being disabled by AI at a time most need their social media as a lifeline for their business. Model Citizen and LLS man of the year candidate Jeff Hock shares his story of why he is so passionate about paying it forward and fundraising. Spoiler alert, this is a tearjerker, have a hanky handy.

There are a plethora of additional stories in this issue that we hope you enjoy. Note that any of these spreads and stories can be printed on fine art glossy, matt, satin, or canvas archival/museum-quality prints. Just click here to find out more. As always Live in Gratitude. Pay it Forward. Cherish your Chapters of love.

Model Citizens Magazine is funded by advertising, donations, and direct contributions by the model citizens portrayed in the issues themselves. NO ONE can BUY a nomination and contributions are voluntary but are the foundation as to how Model Citizens Magazine has been able to become the voice of Long Islanders.

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