Model Citizen Vince McMahon

Model Citizen VINCE McMahon

John Dowling: Vince congratulations on being nominated as a Model Citizen for Model Citizens Magazine December 2021.

Vincent McMahon: Thank you very much, it’s an honor to be in your magazine.

John Dowling: You were nominated because of your consistent efforts to help those struggling with handicaps or disabilities as well as your style of always taking the “High Road” or being the bigger man when faced with conflict. I understand that you have aspirations of becoming a full time model and actor. What is it about modeling and acting that intrigue you?

Vincent McMahon: It’s my pleasure, I’m glad to help out anyone in need. I really would hope to be a professional actor one day to not only entertain people but inspire people as well and also to share my creativity with the world and hopefully bring direction and hope to many people’s lives.

John Dowling: So acting and modeling is really just a means to continue to help people? Does this have anything to do with your strong religious beliefs or your martial arts disciplines?

Vincent McMahon: Yes, I hope to speak out and help guide people in the right direction. God and martial arts have helped me a lot in my toughest times and hopefully I’ll be able to spread the knowledge of what I learned to help others.

John Dowling: You may not know this but we started Model Citizens Magazine for those who have faced great adversity, survived, and then used that energy to share their stories with others as a means to help those still struggling. What happened to you?

Vincent McMahon: Oh wow I didn’t know that, basically I had a very dysfunctional household growing up and when my parents got divorced it was really hard for me because of my age. I was around 11 when it started and it finished when I was around 15 or 16. I tried to find escape routes in the wrong places and with the wrong people. Eventually I accepted god into my life and he helped guide me in the right direction and I have been trying to guide the rest of my family in that same direction ever since.

John Dowling: That’s quite an amazing testimony, Vince. Have your family members learned about dysfunctional families and have they tried new communication skills as a result or is it an uphill battle?

Vincent McMahon: It’s been rough, especially because there is a lot of mental illness in my family and it can be a real struggle. Ever since my parents divorced, they have kept very little contact with each other and that caused a lot of division. I’ve been trying to do what I can to help them and hold as much as I can together.

John Dowling: How does your faith and your church help you with all that you are going through?

Vincent McMahon: As I continue to put my trust in god, he continues to guide my steps. He has put very helpful and loving people in my life through the church he led me to. They helped guide me in the right direction. As I continue to pray for my family, I know that he will bring everyone to where they need to be. I want to be a light in the darkness and to bring light to anyone that needs it.

John Dowling: That’s really quite a beautiful set of goals Vince, especially for a young man who’s had so much adversity in his life. You shared with me privately that you are concerned that a mistake earlier in life may be significantly affecting you now. Do you care to share more about that and your hopes for a better long term outcome?

Vincent McMahon: Yes sure, so when my parents were getting divorced I started smoking weed at the age of 14. I got severely addicted and smoked almost every day for about 3 years. Eventually I started feeling the effect of it even on the days I didn’t smoke and then after I stopped smoking I still felt the effects days later ongoing. Eventually it became weeks and then months. Later on I found out that I was being laced with some sort of psychedelic. I still to this day feel the effects of whatever it was I was laced with. I went to a neurologist but they did the wrong tests. I’m hoping to one day get the right treatment for whatever it is causing me to feel this way.

John Dowling: I am extremely sory to hear this now for the second time. However very proud of you for sharing the experience as drug dealers will often lace weed or pot with very strong substances even things like LSD and PCP that can cause death or lifetime issues. I’ve often begged my own children that if they are ever going to smoke or try weed to only do so if they grow it themselves or obtain it through a medical prescription because of the dealers who lace. It’s also why I feel it’s better as a legal drug than illegal as then people who do use it for sleep or pain Mangement will never have to worry about obtaining laced product. Coincidently I do know a neurologist in Huntington who’s a world class specialist. I will give you his information but never lose faith as good as you know works in very mysterious ways and often performs miracles of his own. So back to acting, what’s your next steps in furthering your aspirations as an actor after this issue is published?

Vincent McMahon: Yeah I’m very glad I didn’t get laced with something more serious. I would love to get any help I can get and I’m hoping that this could be a testimony to many people’s lives that are in similar situations or have any addiction problems. I’m hoping that after this issue gets published, I could speak with some acting agencies and get a role in some sort of film even if it’s just as an extra to start out.

John Dowling: In your “Dream world” or if you could make one wish, what would it be?

Vincent McMahon: If everyone learned to truly love each other. I think if we all had real love for each other, we would have world peace

John Dowling: And if that wish was one where you had to choose something directly related to a material object or experience that only you could enjoy or use?

Vincent McMahon: I would then probably wish for an unlimited amount of money

John Dowling: Nothing like going for the gold lol. Well Vince it’s been fascinating getting to know you as well as both your challenges and goals. I again hope that you find closure and your dreams. Congratulations on your nomination as a model citizen. I hope all of our readers and your fans see the beautiful person in you as much as we have.

Vincent McMahon: Thank you John, it’s been an honor

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