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Sirena Carey a truly gifted performer, songwriter, artist, and model citizen

John: First off I just want to congratulate you on being nominated as a model citizen for Decembers issue of Model Citizens Magazine. I nominated you and one of our previous model citizens seconded your nomination. You were nominated for your amazing dedication to the arts and your determination.

Sirena: Thank you! I’m so honored to have been nominated by you.

John: You are very welcome. After meeting you and hearing your music and how humble you are as such a talented artist, I just felt it was warranted. When did you first get started singing and writing music?

Sirena: I started singing when I was very young. It’s always been something I gravitated towards and enjoyed. Writing came a little later on (I’d say around being 12 years old). 

From a young age I was enamored by artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood; people who could tell such a captivating story through such few words. It made me want to do the same.

John: Tremendously talented artists and excellent role Models! What are your favorite subjects to write about and where does your inspiration come from?

Sirena: I have written about various things through the years. It’s very much a therapeutic process, I think. Many of the songs I’ve written are love songs from the different experiences I’ve had throughout my lifetime. I think that love songs are often some of the most universally relatable songs a person can write. Almost every great song you can name is a love song.

That being said, it’s most definitely not the only kind of song I’ve written. I have songs I wrote about the political atmosphere here in America, and the way it can, unfortunately, tear people apart and ruin relationships. It’s a sad and unnecessarily reality in this day and age and something I think is very important for my generation to recognize as a problem. I’ve written songs about historical figures I find fascinating, my mother and father, and much more. 

John: Please share on the political front what is your point of view of the problems we are facing as a country and what would you do about them if you were elected as a politician?

Sirena: Firstly, I think that I would make a terrible politician. I’m WAY too emotionally volatile for that. I personally think that we are forgetting how to listen to one another. Political issues can be important, don’t get me wrong. But disagreeing with someone on a political issue doesn’t mean that this other person is a terrible human being. It doesn’t mean you can no longer be friends or even love one another. People have had differing opinions on many things throughout the ages. That will never change. But we can change how we deal with disagreements. We can change how we converse with each other and how we debate problems with one another. We’ve forgotten how to listen to each other.

John: Please give me a quote or a part of one of your songs that is about politics that relates to your concern about politics.

Sirena: Sure! 

“The funny thing

About being indoctrinated 

Is you don’t even see it

When you use your scars

As reasons to inflict them 

Do you still feel like the victim?” 

Sirena: This is an excerpt from my song “Change Your Mind”. It refers to people on BOTH sides of the political spectrum, mind you. No one is blameless In this collective loss of communication. And we all need to be a part of the solution going forward. Less hate, more communication and compassion.

John: So as they say in the arts, you are a deep thinker as well as a talented singer. During a recent photo shoot you described yourself as a hopeless romantic. Your songs about love, are they from your own experiences?

Sirena: Yes, a good majority of my love songs are About my own experiences. A few are songs I wrote for friends of mine going through emotionally turbulent times as well.

John: You are quite young, it would seem that you are new to relationships…. Have you had many chapters of love?

Sirena: I am most certainly new to relationships. But I think when you find someone you truly love and who shows the capability of navigating through tough times with you, every new experience with that person takes on a life of its own. I’ve found enough material in just one long term relationship to write an entire album!

John: WOW, now that is an exciting love story. Tell us who is this mystery man?

Sirena: That I may just keep under wraps for the time being. He’s a truly good person who’s helped me through some really tough times. I’m really thankful to have him in my life.

John: Ok, that is always a woman’s perogotive. What type of tough times have you been through?

Sirena: Hm.. well towards the beginning of this relationship we were both in bad places and surrounding ourselves with the wrong people. Those first few months were riddled with the drama that comes with cutting toxic people from your life and definitely inspired a few songs such as “Smoking Gun” and “Already Morning”.

I had some dark times this past year dealing with my own mental health. It’s really important for us to take into account how we really feel. Bottling things up leads to unpleasant circumstances. 

And from then on it’s been about navigating life. I think it’s a very under appreciated thing, the little moments that make up each new day. It’s something I try to explore In another of my songs, “Days Like This”.

John: Learning how to live with the heart of an artist is no easy effort. In fact Model Citizens Magazine was founded with the mission of interviewing people who have faced great challenges, overcame them, and then help others find a way, a path, a healthier and happier one. Most people who are gifted and who can feel so much more than most others, have to manage their own emotions and thoughts. Model Citizens Magazine shares those stories in hopes that others who may be challenged by the same or similar adversities can overcome them themselves. I am one of those gifted artists who has a whole slew of challenges. I write about them also in my new art catalog “A Miracle In The Making Fine Art Exhibition” maybe you would like to read it. Just so you know that from one artist to another, it takes great courage to share your feelings, and even more to overcome them. Writing about them and sharing may be the most therapeutic way of learning how to live with the heart of an artist. I knew the day your father introduced me to you that you were both gifted and you feel much more deeply than most others. It comes with the territory. It sounds to me that you truly do find music to be a therapeutic way of sharing your emotions. Not to mention you truly sound like an all out rock star! Tell us more about this album! Who? What? When? Where? How? you are so young that is an amazing accomplishment! Go ahead give us the scoop.

Sirena: I would definitely love to read that catalog! You’ll have to send it to me! My debut album will be released come this summer! So definitely stay tuned for singles and promotional material in the near future. If you want access to behind the scenes videos from the studio or just to listen to me sing some of my favorite songs (mine or otherwise) you can follow me on Instagram (@_sirena_carey_) and TikTok (@sirenacarey).

John: Well first off you can find the catalog on my website here …. Secondly can you share more about this “Quick draw, I’m locked and I’m loaded. Gun fire, sounds like an explosion. One left bleeding in the dust… Standoff.”

Sirena: Oh goodness! Well It was about some drama towards the beginning of the relationship. I never really thought I’d ever become involved in a love triangle but that’s what I it was at first, I suppose. It left me with a lot of guilt since this other girl was someone I saw as a friend. I wrote “Smoking Gun (Standoff)” as a way to explain my side of the story.

John: Many would say “Their are no rules in love or war”

Sirena: Haha yes that’s very true. It can be a messy ordeal, that’s for sure.

John: The heart simply wants what it wants. And… jealousy is a stronger emotion than even love. In fact Love is not an emotion at all despite the fact their are tons of emotions embodied in love, which technically or scientifically is a mating instinct. I know that takes the romance out of the word love, but I have both read many books on love, and written a novel on love myself. Not to mention over 30 love songs, so I get it. What is your favorite love song? Of another producer or song writer like Paul Majos or someone else? And follow up why? And then the same question about your own love songs?

Sirena: My favorite love song from another artist… That’s a very difficult question!! 

I would say either “This Love,” “Cowboy Like Me” (both by Taylor Swift) or “I Could Die For You” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

John: Great tunes… and your own?

Sirena: As for the follow-up, (also a hard question to answer by the way,) my favorite of all the love songs I’ve written would have to be a song called “Already Morning”.

John: Is there yet a place I can listen to that song or is it coming out on your premiere album?

Sirena: Not yet! But maybe soon… haha

John: Well if it is anything like what I heard the other day it is going to be enormously well received by the artist community, and I am sure by everyone who listens to it. It is not that often that I refer to a young talent as gifted or a prodigy, I only use those words when I know, I know immediately that I have just heard, saw, or felt true talent. This song, Already Morning, what is it about? 

Sirena: Thank you so much! That’s so flattering. 

“Already Morning” is about the beginning stages of a relationship where you savor every moment. How time always seems to be moving to quickly for your taste when you’re around each other. It’s very sweet.

John: Sweet like you. You were truly amazing in today’s photo shoot we did in Sag harbor that will accompany this interview. It was freezing but you looked every bit a rock star as anyone. Wait until you see them, they are simply heart warming. Yes that is a good way of describing them. I would say the way you express yourself as an artist visually is much like Taylor Swift and I photographed her for hours, so I know her vibe…. Yes I would say you have Taylor Swift charisma and vibes… The beginnings or relationships are like rainbows connecting your heart and mind to another, amazing moments. When did you write Almost Morning?

Sirena: Thank you so much! That is such a huge compliment to me, you have no idea!!! 

I wrote “Already Morning” in 2019 at around 1 in the morning. I was sharing a room with my sister at the time and she was not pleased at all haha!

John:  “Time moved too fast, you played it back” WOW! You do realize that I do research every candidate before nominating them. You are truly deserving of this nomination Sirena, I hope you know that.

Sirena: I appreciate the song reference! It means a lot that you think that. Makes me feel very special haha

John: You are very special. So this Summer when your songs/album comes out… what are you hoping for? By the way I love when you go into the higher notes/register and your octave is so high, yet your tone is perfect… hypnotic

Sirena: When my songs come out I’m hoping to bring people joy in one way or another. Be it from the nostalgia of thinking back to your first love, or relating to the songs about loving your mother. I just want to share my love for the little things in life through music.

John: Now let’s get to your art because I see you are singing, writing songs, modeling, and drawing … What’s up with that? Are you are 3 tiered rock star? Writer, Model, Artist?

Sirena: Haha, I definitely find myself interested in many different facets of the arts. Be it music, or visual arts. I’ve loved to draw since I was very very young. It’s something that I would also probably find a lot of joy in pursuing professionally. I definitely would be open to exploring where the two can work in tandem.

John: It is similar to my story in that I was both a master photographer and darkroom/digital darkroom master but I also designed software interfaces around many requirement specifications. Kind of tech meets art, and functionality. But I am most comfortable these days in the studio publishing and digitally painting my previous shoots. It’s rare I take my camera out for new shoots these days. So really if you did not impress me on all fronts, this interview would not be taking place. When you get older you do have to slow down a bit even if you desire to go day and night. So work in tandem, well that is a challenging thought but I am sure you could create your own Album cover, or model on it, or both for that matter. Let’s chat about that album cover for a moment. Any hints to your fans on what it will look like?

Sirena: My visual concept for this album is a dreamy take on the little things in life that make it beautiful. I’ll be posting concept art and pics on Instagram very soon

John: Very exciting! So I take it you are also the cover artist.

Sirena: Yes! I’ve wanted to illustrate my own album cover for a long time! Maybe I could take a page out of your book and digitally illustrate over a photo of myself

John: That sounds very unique, I am excited to see the end result. Not only the end result of your album cover, but also the complete selection of songs, and of course as you obtain more opportunities photographing you again. So this concludes your Model Citizens Magazine Interview. The last question as always, do you have anything you want to share, one last thought for your fans and our readers?

Sirena: Thank you for this opportunity! And thanks to anyone who read all of this! I can’t wait for you all to hear my music. Keep updated with my social media for more!

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