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Model Citizen David Martin giving behind the scenes

John: Congratulation on your nomination as a model citizen for the September issue of Model Citizens Magazine.

David: Thank you so much it is an honor to me to be nominated.

John: You have been nominated because you are kind of a  behind the scenes guy. I show up at many Charities and see you bought a table, made a significant donation, and you never say anything about it. When did you first start supporting charities and why do you do it? 

David: Many years ago I was working for Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson at that time supported Muscular Dystrophy Association and the dealership would support the national and local MDA. The dealership would provide special events and with the help of the motorcycle community raise money. It made me feel good to provide support to people who are struggling. So I just kept on doing it and made it a lifestyle. 

John: I know you are support of The Ferro Foundation. Tell us why you are so passionate about the Ferro Foundation?

David: I first meet Sal while I was producing a sports internet radio show. His passion for sports provided a common interest. We meet again at the PinkTie Gala charity event. His passion for philanthropy inspired me to do more for our community and get more involved. The Ferro Foundation created a Scholarship fund to help Long Island students receive a college education. Providing a scholarship to students who meets certain community and academic qualifications. Being a Long Islander it was important to keep my efforts local to help our immediate community. So that sold me on the philanthropy lifestyle.

John: I also know you support the Fight for Charity.

David: The Fight for Charity is a local event and provide fun night to get out to support local individuals and families in need. It is also a networking event and provides promotional opportunities as well as a fun-filled energizing atmosphere. Sal is also the host of the event and does a fantastic job. I try support the people who are leaders and have a clear vision of what is important. 

John: When you’re not participating in charity events and paying it forward what are your passions? I can’t help to notice all the beautiful boats you have at your home on the water. You mentioned you are also a boat business.

David: My passion is boats. I have been in the marine industry for most of my life. In my spare time I buy, trade, sell and broker powerboats and sailboats up and down the East Coast. It gives me the opportunity to work with my hands, keep myself busy, and I meet new and interesting people.

John: You’re a bit on a tinker. I saw your garage it looks pristine only professionals, contractors, engineers and handyman have a garage so organized and laid out like that.

David: I am very mechanical and enjoy working with my hands. I’ve been working on boats from a very young, age a skill set that a learned from my father growing up.

John: So you get right into it when you get a new boat project. You basically take from bow to stern and make it as close to brand new as possible?

David: I improve on the cosmetic and the mechanical systems to provide a safe and reliable vessel. I like to say I take something good and make it great. I learned that it is important to take pride in ownership. Boats can last a life time if properly cared for.

 John: What it like living on the water?

David: It’s a great lifestyle living on the water. I find it very relaxing to see all the beautiful wildlife. Every day you see something new and the change of the seasons provides a beautiful back drop.

John: So you are single for the first time in a long time? I know you are passionate about finding your soul mate. Tell me who is your soul mate?

David: Someone with same views in life, our morals and lifestyle just fit perfectly. Being in an honest, sincere and committed soulmate relationship helps you to become a better version of yourself. You have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

John: How would you describe her physical? 

David: A soulmate isn’t always wrapped in a perfect package. What is attractive to me is a great sense of humor. A heart of gold, beautiful eyes that can see authenticity, and a smile that lights up a room. 

John: We’ve  been going through a lot on Long Island with the pandemic. It’s tough on a lot of people. How have you been effected? 

David: Unfortunately, I did lose a close family friend early on to COVID. I’ve been spending more time at home with family and I keep myself busy and safe. Very limited social life with friends. 

John: What are some of the issue in business that have changed?

David: When I talk with people the big issue is the economy. People are struggling to meet their basic needs. There is no simple way to predict the future and what the economy will look like in the future. The protocol for business has been the biggest challenge in the work place. As a businessman we always have to plan for the future. With everything going on you have to be able to accept change. I see some movement in the economy and I believe we are now going in the right direction.  

John: Let’s talk politics for the moment. 

David: Politics is my least favorite subject to talk about. It has completely alienated people form working together for a common goal. Politics has never been more unpredictable and more alarming in any time in our society that I can remember. I see Social media being used as an outlet for a lot of people and their political views. It has totally taken the experience of sharing what is good in our lives with family and friends to a different level. I have seen that a simple post about politics’ on social media polarize people who have been friends for years.

John: David thank you for sharing and keep up the behind the scenes giving to all of the charities you support. Remember to always live in gratitude. Pay it Forward. And of course Cherish your chapters of love.

David: Always have and always will. I am still a work in progress like many getting used to this new normal but I do agree in those philosophies and will do. Thank you for the nomination I am truly honored.

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