Natalya Smolyakova

Model Citizen and Long Island Fashionista Natalya Smolyakova

Model Citizen and Long Island Fashionista Natalya Smolyakova 

When Natalya was just a little girl she loved her homeland of Latvia. To her, it was a fairy tale, and all she dreamed of even as a young child. However, with Russia injecting a great deal of influence over her homeland and her parents realizing that maybe a move to Ukraine would yield a better life for them all, she moved to Ukraine..

Natalya longed for her homeland and never forgot just how beautiful home was. All the same, she loved her family and despite her yearning to go back to Latvia, Natalya eventually moved to Moscow and taught German (Natalya is tri-lingual speaking Latvian, Russian, and English and not so very good German lol). Even though she believed one day she would return to Latvia, soon after she became a young adult she found love. As a young bride, Natalya married her daughter Alisa’s father who she remains friendly with as they co-parent their daughter together. Natalya has remained in the US and now she finds herself loving it here and calling it her true home.

At first, she found herself and her husband Konstantin living in Aurora just outside of Denver Colorado, as a mom, a wife, and starting completely over hoping to find the American dream. Not too long after emigrating to the USA she moved from Colorado to New York and fell in love with the Big Apple. When she first arrived in New York and to this day she knew that NYC was where her heart would be and where she would raise her family. While Natalya has lived all over the world from Ukraine to Russia, now that she has had a taste of NY, she will stay here forever. Eventually, Natalya hopes to move into the city and live by Central Park. And yes Natalya loves to dream and believes that her dreams will come true, one at a time. 

While Natalya came to NY and found love for the city, she also found that her chapter of love with her daughter’s father had come to an organic end, and love itself drove her to relocate to NY. Natalya worked with her friend who had her own fashion line. Natalya first decided to get into fashion because her country was so poor that she wanted to have her own clothes. When Natalya was just a young girl her grandmother and her aunt were both artists and made their own clothing. Living in such a poor country allowed Natalya to learn at a very young age that if you wanted something you had to find a way to do it yourself. Before Natalya knew it, she had developed a career as a tailor and was making clothes for herself and for her family. 

Natalya became so successful as a designer that she was earning more money than her mom. Natalya made dresses, skirts, and mostly fashion for women. She loved making clothing and seeing those she loved so happy when they wore her fashions. As Natalya went from a teen prodigy to a woman, she knew that designing clothing was everything she wanted in a career, even though she had later focused her time on being a full-time mom. 

Natalya has a deep connection to her family and to this day takes care of her mom, her daughter, herself, and all of those fortunate enough to be in her private, very private world. While Natalya has agreed to share more of her life with our fellow model citizens, typically, Natalya is a very private person. What makes Natalya the happiest in life now is still being a mom albeit a single mom and sharing her life with her mom, daughter, and those in her extended family….. her B2BSPoke family. 

These days Natalya is still making clothing and although she started with women’s fashion she is now making men’s clothing for B2Bespoke Men’s Clothier in Glen head. She met owners Robert and Mark while working for another high-end men’s clothier and Robert and Mark knew they were an amazing team, and with that, she has now been with Mark and Robert for over six years making men’s clothing and working alongside them both. She loves to see their efforts and creations come to life and even more, she loves when their clients come into the boutique and relish in the garments they created for them. 

Above everything else, Natalya is a mom, a dedicated mom, and a dedicated daughter. She gives of herself without a thought and puts the family up and above everything. While she has integrated into American Society, she still loves her Eastern European roots, and as such she has a click of girlfriends from Long Island who share her cultural background and her passion for life and the benefits of living and playing in New York City. Natalya considers NYC the most incredible and beautiful city in the world. Natalya is a free spirit and will never be “broken” she is independent and knows she has all the power that independent women have. She is brilliant and despite the many attempts for men to “get over” her, she is just too streetwise and experienced to let herself ever be controlled by any man. While Natalya is single she knows the pain of lost love. She has had her shares of challenges, ups and downs, heartache, and disappointments. 

These days Natalya is not looking for anything despite the fact there are very few men if any who are not looking to win over her heart. Even with her long desire for love and a new chapter of love, Natalya also has had her share of heartbreaks and chapters of love. She is not looking for anything other than what God brings to her organically. Natalya lives in the moment and knows that living for today is a way of life she desires most. 

Even while I write this story about Natalya and she sits beside me reading and adding some details I see the confidence and the authenticity in her eyes. She knows exactly what she wants and believes that living one day at a time and for the moment will always be her way of life.

Natalya is an artist and she is kind, she cares about all those who are in her life, all of those who she creates beautiful clothing for, and dreams of one day living in the city where her heart is. Natalya loves the city and playing with her friends is her favorite pastime when she is not taking care of and enjoying the companionship of her daughter Alisa who is also a model citizen and who is modeling for Eva’s in this issue. 

Natalya dreams of one day going back to Latvia and seeing her homeland and showing her homeland to her daughter, however, with the coronavirus plague crippling the world, she will have to wait, as will her daughter and Model Citizen Alisa. 

While Natalya has many dreams and hopes she will not share them here, or anywhere as she truly believes the only way a dream will come true is if she never shares it with anyone but God. As a spiritual Orthodox Christian Natalya has put her faith in her dreams and her dreams in her faith. While I would love to share more about Natalys she is still so much of a mystery that I can only guess as to what is going on behind those precious eyes. 

I have photographed thousands of models and model citizens in my life but I have never found a connection to anyone creatively the way Natalya and I have found a creative connection and I truly believe that we will be creating fine art for a very long time together. We have already taken over 20,000 photographs and we just met which is a testimony to our rapport, trust, creative passion, and because of this I know that Natalya has the heart of an artist, even though she protects her very fragile heart. 

While many believe that Eastern European women can be very cold and hard, the truth is that those with the most fragile hearts become the strongest women. I see the love in Natalya’s eyes and I know her emotions run deep, her passion authentic, and her genuine desires true to her dream. I hope and look forward to enabling Natalya to achieve those goals and as I pay it forward, I know that she is deserving of the recognition and title of Model Citizen. Stay tuned to see and hear more from Natalya as she has captured my creative heart and I know that she is a miracle in the making. 

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