Model Citizens Magazine Naples July 2015

Matt Silver Model Citizen September 2020

Everyone knows Ultimate Class Limousine founder and Model Citizen Matt Silver. Matt is an icon in the Long Island Charity scene as he is not only one of the principles of The Long Island Fight for Charity, but also supports so many worthy causes throughout Long Island. 

I first met Matt when I was shooting a great deal of marquee events at the Carlyle like the 2002 US Open where I first photographed Matt. He was dancing with his wife and it was just an irresistible shot. So I grabbed it and then showed the image to Matt and he was equally enthusiastic about the image. 

Over the course of several years we ran into each other hundreds of times and as it often does happen in situations like that, Matt and I became friends. Fast forward a number of years and my deteriorating health and life and death situation forced me to leave the cold winters and settle in Naples Florida. 

I had no idea if I was going to live never mind make it back to New York. After going through some major surgeries and losing a boatload of weight, I came back to New York to try to build an alternative currency network and barter network while still publishing Model Citizens Magazine. Back then I published strictly as a means to support my clients and of course recognize model Citizens. 

When I first returned my idea of starting an alternative currency network and new barter network was an extremely new concept. Most have just started to hear about Bitcoin and many were skeptical. I tried to educate the Long Island market as to how valuable Bitcoin was going to be but most of my efforts were wasted on business owners who had already seen the worst of what barter had to offer and they just did not take the leap. 

However, when I ran into Matt at a trade show at the Carlyle, it di not take more than ten minutes for Matt to say “John I’m in and I will bring a ton of traders with me, and as Matt always does, he took that leap of faith and brought a bunch of traders with him. Yes I totally needed that shot of enthusiasm and I was nothing short of grateful. Shortly after Matt started trading and paying it 

forward to the entire barter community and the network The Executive Trade Network had a banner year for a startup.  So I know first hand just how charitable and good hearted Matt Silver is as an individual and appreciate him as a businessman.  Of course Matt does a great deal more paying it forward with his long term efforts with Long Island’s Fight For Charity. 

Matt is one of the originals and has continued with his efforts until the event is sold out every year. I mean it is standing room only and everyone loves the event. From the great tastings prior to and during the event to the amazing fights for charity. 

It is literally packed every year and although this year because of covid19 will not take place, next year is going to be a hit again.  

Is it my distinct honor to have nominated Matt as well as to know him and to call Matt a friend. 

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