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Kershel Anthony LIVE at Adventureland!

Sometimes you just have to stop in the middle of an interview and wipe the mosquitos from your leg no matter what you do to the camera and the shot. No longer is it the air-conditioned studio or amazing restaurant as the set for interviews but parks and beaches. Even outside Model Citizens Offices.

In this case our socially distant makeshift studio was completely closed, iconic, Long Island Amusement Park, Adventureland. Yes Model Citizen Kershel Anthony brought his This is my Swag Foundation members to Adventureland for Model Citizens Magazine to produce his TV commercial and promotional photos for his upcoming event there. This socially disetant event will be much different than others.

Kershel Anthony has rented out the giant theater in the parking lot behind the park for a once in a lifetime event. That’s right the entire ginormous parking lot that has the huge dance stage across from the entrance to the park! Kershel and his This is My Swag foundation members are going to socially dance themselves into the future with music, and entertainment, and hundreds of children dancing safely together. Saturday, October 17th from 9 am till noon be prepared for fun!

This is an adventure for the entire family with social distant dancing, Kerboomkids FIT, even LIVE ENTERTAINMENT! All proceeds go to the SWAG Foundation!

Join Model Citizen Kershel Anthony on Sunday, October 18th at Adventureland for socially safe/distant fun and game! A morning to remember at Adventureland!

October 18th (the rain date) Actual recap video Water into Wine produced and filmed by Model Citizens Magazine for the “This is my SWAG Foundation” staring Kershel Anthony.

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