Hope for 2022


Faith and Hope for a better 2022

I hope that 2022 will bring us all a new beginning. A new beginning where we all appreciate what we have with our society despite its flaws. That we once again learn that just like with all of the challenges 2021 held for us with Covid, that we are soon going to be through it. Let’s hope that our political leaders will again give it a go at working together for what is best for our country, not what is best for their re-elections.

Let’s hope that while we think of the “one for all and the all for one” mentality, we also recognize that you can not continually take from one family and give to another where class wars start within our society. That whether rich or poor you have to work, and you have to think of the Alpha and the neediest in your flock or you will not survive. Yes, we are all in this together, but we do have our own self to consider just as much as we consider all. 

I do not think that any of us want to be living in “The Social States of America”, we have all grown quite accustomed to The United States of America. So let’s not allow fear to overcome our lives. Neither fear of the pandemic, nor fear of the new president and his apparent attempt at unifying the two parties to once again cooperate first and have healthy debating, not all-out “civil wars” with each other. We have learned from math and the movie “A Beautiful Mind” that what is best for the Alpha is not what is best for the group, what is best for the group and the alpha is what makes the most successful outcomes. Let’s look at the universal basic income of some variety as a temporary solution to welfare programs, unemployment, and poverty as a real solution (same as stimulus programs or very similar) but let’s not bankrupt our future generations by going too far into debt.

Let’s hope the right and the left realize that we are in the same country and we all depend on each other. That includes our health care and our quality of life. As I have shared throughout the year, how we take care of each other will be how future generations judge our own, not what type of car we drive, or how opulent our chandeliers are. 

Let’s hope that we come to a conclusion on how to manage climate change without giving unfair advantages to our competitive countries like China through unfair agreements like the Paris Agreement. Yes, let’s get back into a better more balanced agreement that addresses climate change but not by creating unfair advantages for other countries to exploit and use to undermine our economy long term.

Let’s hope that our amazing Health Care stays amazing but more affordable. Let’s hope that all pre-existing conditions stay covered for all. Who would be the one at the door to the emergency room denying coverage to a needy child, an elderly grandparent, or someone who is unemployed? And let’s hope for these things not just now during the pandemic but also as a permanent fix on healthcare for all. Let’s create reasons for people to go back to work, while still caring for those who can not at the same standards we just took care of us all through stimulus programs.  

These are very important issues and there have to be logical ways to address them without doubling or tripping our health care costs in the process. We need to keep the same amazing quality we have now and make the entire process more economical by having most favorite nation clauses in our pharmaceutical contracts for all Americans. Let’s hope we also make sure the pharma companies make enough money to cover future research and investment.

I am hoping in 2022 we have healthy political debates and acknowledge our political debates and acknowledge our political differences and we debate for the sake of finding the best solutions, not solutions that give better opportunities to different people. Let’s hope people continue to treat each other with respect and while we respect the right to protest we do not become a country of fanatics that are protesting everything just because we have the right to do so.

Let’s all hope for fair equity in the law for all and that minorities are not targeted. Not to suggest we let anyone get away with breaking laws and giving them get out of jail free cards, so let also hope that law enforcement can prosecute enough to protect others. Let’s also hope that we do not wind up in a country where a president can have peaceful protestors gassed for a photo op. Let’s govern from the bottom up as “we the people” and hope that our democracy is strong and that our leaders follow what we want and need, not what their private agendas compel them to do, so they get re-elected.

Let’s hope our scientists continue to make progress towards effective and safe Covid19 vaccines, and that we have a strong enough military and distribution process to get the vaccine to everyone, not just the wealthy and influential. And let’s not just try to eradicate Covid that kills millions of people but also remember we are fighting for more humane ways to treat cancer and a plethora of diseases like heart disease and diabetes. So let’s not just hope for a vaccine for covid but since we are taking action as a country let’s hope that we attack the diseases that are killing the most people year after year as well.

Let’s hope our medical community and first responders get a break, those that worked in harm’s way in the pandemic get some type of risk bonus or tax break. That we reward those who put their lives at risk on a daily basis. 
Let’s hope that we continue to clean up our oceans with new inventions, our landfills, and our water.  Let’s hope we start and continue to rebuild our infrastructure like our roads, bridges, tunnels, and make life more beautiful for our own and future generations. 

Let’s continue to support the exploration of space and create habitats on other planets. Let’s diversify the habitats for the human species and explore new ideas for interplanetary travel and colonies. 
Let’s more than anything else remember that even while we argue our political positions and our stances on many different issues that we are simply neighbors who look out for each other’s children every day, and that we are a loving, caring, giving, community of neighbors who care. 

Let’s have hope that we will see fewer natural disasters and more ways to prepare and prevent damage to our communities through innovation. Let’s hope that mother nature will be kind to us in 2022. 
Let’s hope that we all understand that we are living in an imperfect world and accidents happen, and when they do let’s not blame everyone else for them, let’s work together to fix and move forward.

Let’s hope for entrepreneurs, the innovators, inventors, our bosses, and leaders, and ourselves that we build value as much as possible but we still have time for what is most important, our loved ones and our families. Let’s hope for the health and success of our families. Let’s hope our economy grows and we all have faith in the future. Let’s hope for peace throughout the world and that the progress moving towards permanent peace in the Middle East continues. Let’s hope that we have such a prosperous year that no one is left behind. But again let’s not go bankrupt doing it. 

Let’s hope that our children find love, peace, inner happiness, and everything they wish for in their lives. Let’s help facilitate that, and let’s start acting like America Again. Live in Gratitude. Pay it Forward. Cherish your Chapters of Love. Happy New Year 2022! The year of Hope for all Model Citizens. 

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