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Model Citizens Magazine NYC November 2020

Model Citizens Magazine the November issue features some incredible model citizens including Natalya Smolyakova and her daughter Alisa only the second mom and daughter to ever be nominated as model citizens together. A great interview with founders and proprietors of B2BESPOKE Men’s Clothier Mark Macaluso and Robert Bartol. Model Citizen & former Suffolk County Executive, author Steve Levy shares his thoughts on the presidential election results.

The November issue is the Gratitude issue and we have some great stories about Gratitude, Paying it Forward, and Cherishing your Chapters or love. Alure home improvements CEO and model citizen Sal Ferro shares his views on how our government is doing during this election year. Rhonda Klch shares her views on some current issues and her passion for the Equity First Foundation.

There are a plethora of additional stories in this issue that we hope you enjoy. Note that any of these spreads and stories can be printed on fine art glossy, matt, satin, or canvas archival/museum-quality prints. Just click here to find out more. As always Live in Gratitude. Pay it Forward. Cherish your Chapters of love.

Sal Ferro Politically Neutral

John: I’m John Dowling and I’m here once again with Model Citizen Sal Ferro the CEO of Allure Home Improvements. Sal, good morning and thank you for talking today. 

Sal: Good morning John. It is great to speak to you. We finally got some good weather in November and it’s nice to see.

John: It’s like August weather, thank God. 

Sal: It keeps our mind off the other things that are going on, like the election that nobody knows who the winner is. 

John: You just don’t know who to believe. A lot of our Model Citizens are voicing different opinions and so I wanted to reach out to you because I know you were really dialed in and you spend a lot of time with many of these people. What do you think is happening because there is a lot of talk about election fraud? Some say Trump won, and other people saying Biden won, what do you think is going on? Can you try to bring some clarity to all this and your opinion?

Sal: I have a tough time believing anything right now. I think the last couple of years have shown us is it is very difficult to believe anything you read or hear because so much comes from social media. However, when you check on it you find that the story is a hoax or fake news. That’s the new thing these days. You hear “fake news” which was never heard that term 15 or 20 years ago, it just never existed.

How to Cherish your Chapters of Love.

Breakups are always a difficult time that forces people to re-evaluate every aspect of themselves, their partners, former partners, and plans for the future. Most breakups are rather contentious and in the case of marriages can be very costly. People simply grow apart. However, maintaining a good relationship is important not only to your current relationships but in many cases to your emotional health as well. How we handle former chapters of love often determines our happiness in the future. To what extent is different our happiness is affected is different from all, but everyone is affected by the way they CHERISH their chapters of love to some degree. 

Most people do not even realize that CHERISH is such an important aspect of life that we forget that our promise to “love, honor and cherish” are the three words we utter during our marriage ceremonies. Despite the fact, we are dedicating our love and honor to our betrothed and promising to cherish them we simply often do not even know-how.  It seems that generally we know very little about the meaning of CHERISH going into relationships, and rarely practice a level of CHERISH with those from our former relationships.

Perhaps before we utter these words during a marriage ceremony we should receive an instruction guide that clearly explains what love, honor, and cherish mean and how to commit to Cherishing your chapters of love, every day. It is quite obvious that in many, even in most cases, there is ongoing animosity, not compassion, and cherishing going on after divorces, even decades later. Maybe there is something more to this “CHERISH” than we realize in our wedding vows. Maybe cherishing is just as important as loving. To me, I do believe so. 

Who actually won the 2020 Election?

It amazes me that this presidential election is so close especially with all of the pre-election polls suggesting it was going to be a landslide for Biden.  Just like in 2016 when president Trump was up against Hillary Clinton, the media and even the social media seemed dead set against any chance of a Trump Victory. Was completely the same as this election probably much worse. 

Most Democrats are not only happy to know that Trump is soon going to be out, but many “haters” are hopeful that Trump will now be prosecuted and will go to jail “for crimes against humanity” of all sorts. But we have all heard these claims before. As Steve Levy the former county executive and model citizen would say, you don’t have to like him to believe in his agenda. 

Whether you like him or not, or agree with his policies or not you have to admit the guy is resilient. I think over 68 million American’s voted for Trump so they must see value in what he is doing and his agenda. However, it certainly seems that more American’s would rather have “grandpa Biden” as the head of our country than a man who seems to be renegotiating every contract and agreement that was anti-American or anti-effective. Who also seems to care about every need that comes to his attention. But again that is on the surface, after the election propaganda who knows what would happen! 

Model Citizen Steve Levy Politically Neutral

While the media tends to obsess over the presidential election, the control of the Senate will also be a major factor as to the ultimate direction our nation takes over the next several years. 

Former vice-president Joe Biden can win the White House, but his ability to undo all of. the Trump agenda will have very little chance of succeeding if a Republican majority is maintained in the upper chamber. 

Hanging in the balance are issues related to border security, tax increases, healthcare, Covid, crime, gun ownership, and so much more.

Democrats maintained a 53-47 split before the election.  

With a Biden win, the Democrats will need to flip only three seats, since a 50-50 tie can be overcome with the vote of the vice president. 

Joe Biden has said he wants to reverse the Trump tax cuts. If he can’t get a majority in the Senate, Trump’s tax policies remain in effect. 

But Biden would not need the Senate’s cooperation in reversing a number of Trump initiatives that were executed via executive order

For instance, Trump’s deal with Mexico to require all asylum-seekers to submit their applications on the Mexican side of the border sharply curtailed the catch and release process, thereby dramatically reducing the flow of illegal immigration caravans that were flooding over the border.  All it will take is a simple stroke of a pen from a President Biden to reverse that coordinated effort with Mexico.

Alexis Zabbia Davis in Memoriam

Suffering a loss in the family is something I am unfortunately familiar with, after losing our son Brian.  Brian represented the loss of the hope and expectations of being a parent. He was with us for the 20 weeks of pregnancy, and a few hours after that.  It seemed like something we would never get over, and we never have. But life went on, my wife and I were blessed with twins a little over a year later, and we remember Brian as our first child. 

I August, my mom broke the news to me that my baby sister Alexis was sick.  They didn’t know what it was, and she was going to Stanford University Hospital to find out what it was. When I call Alexis my baby sister, she really was the baby. She was 12 years younger than me, so our paths crossed infrequently over the years. By the time she was walking and talking, I was playing football and partying in High School.  We didn’t have much in common when we were young because of the age difference. When she was in High School, I was out of college, had my own apartment, and was into my career 

Life Behind the Lens

Life behind the lens is a blessing. I still can not believe where my art and photojournalism has brought me. From New Year’s Eve front and center main stage Times Square NYC to exotic European cities like Paris and Venice. My love for people has always lead me to pay tribute to the human figure especially the female figure. I can remember every instant from every photo, from my entire life. It’s amazing to me how many portraits and people I have met on my creative journey.

Free and Fair Elections? How with Covid19

Free and fair presidential elections with COVID just seems like an impossible task with all of the data that needs to be collected manually, sorted, and then validated. With the presidential election only weeks away and COVID proving to be as resilient as predicted, how are mail-in votes of this volume going to be counted? We are estimating between seventy-five million to ninety million mail-in votes. Forget about the postal issues, and just think about what it takes to manually count that many votes!

I am totally an optimist as life has already proven to be a “very positive” experience. But, no matter how I try to resolve this effort, I just do not see it happening the way a Democracy would want it to happen. I still can not wrap my head around how in a COVID world we are going to pull this off. The country is so polarized, to begin with, that you can lose a friend you had for a lifetime over a conflicting political opinion, never mind if a vote counts or shouldn’t! I mean if you want to start the grand debate of all time, disagree with what votes should count and which ones shouldn’t. Now multiply that scenario tens of millions of times. If Biden wins I guarantee you that we will hear these concerns

Caring For Your Teeth Like A Pro

My touch of OCD decided to make a guest appearance as I pulled up to my office, closed my door, and locked it. I skipped my typical list of things that I usually ask myself each time I enter my practice, and then I found myself asking my inner dentist a question….. Did I remember to bring my smartphone? Of course, I did! I am OCD and super organized. 

A few moments later while working with a patient of several decades, I realized that even after forty years of practicing dentistry, I forgot, or neglected to do something. I never really taught him about prevention. In fact, as OCD as I am about teeth and most everything in general, I never really taught him the details about prevention at all.  Sure we have a practice that is conservative and has an emphasis on prevention. But after only a few questions I realized that he did not know much about the objective of most of the preventative procedures we had discussed over the years. After polling a few more patients it became apparent that many people don’t understand what the objectives are with preventative maintenance. Not just my own patients but most everyone. So let’s get right into the meat, or if you’re a vegetarian, the zucchini of the matter.

Generally speaking, the goal of most preventative maintenance is to remove the bacteria off of your teeth. Personally, I think most advertisements confuse the average consumer about what you are supposed to be accomplishing with preventative maintenance. You don’t want to kill the bacteria in your mouth with mouthwashes that contain huge amounts of alcohol or bacteria-killing ingredients. You just don’t want the bacteria to stay on your teeth, in between your teeth, or anywhere on your teeth where they can cause plack. If you kill the bacteria in your mouth you affect digestion, your immune system, and according to studies, you cut down on oxygen formation in your bloodstream. You don’t need to be a science wizard to know that is not good for your health at all.

Model Citizen Alan Schwartz

John: I am here with Alan Schwartz who is a Model Citizen from the September issue and is now a contributing columnist for Model Citizen Magazine. How are you, my friend?

Alan: I’m good, how are you John?

John: I’m great, thank you. So today I’d like to ask you about Halloween. This year I think everybody knows that Halloween is going to be much different than ever before. I think also that there are some things that our readers and your fans should know about Halloween to do with some legalities. Would you share with our audience please what they should be doing or not doing?

Alan: As you are aware, I’m a long-time criminal defense attorney as well as a Village Judge and, as such, we spend a lot of time dealing with criminal offenses and quasi-criminal offenses. We are continuing to be concerned about the uptick of inappropriate behavior in the community. This could be partially fueled by the pandemic, and partially by the fact that people, in general, at this point, just seem to be very angry, whether it’s about the election results, Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, or a variety of different things like the protests and so forth. What really concerns us is that people are getting even angrier when they can’t do the things they always look forward to doing. As an example, our domestic violence practice is going through the roof, because a lot of people seem to have discovered that, as much as they love their spouses and children, they can’t stand being locked up in the house with them for lengthy periods of time.

I think this is going to be a big issue come Halloween when the kids really can’t safely go trick-or-treating. It would be nice to think that may change since Halloween is still a few weeks away, but I don’t think so, certainly not to the point where it’s going to be safe to have children going door to door, touching things and not wearing appropriate masks, just decorative masks. We are particularly concerned about young people, not so much the small children, but the teenagers who, shall we say, like to be mischievous, to begin with, and get themselves into trouble. I think it is a good idea for us to go over some of the conduct that could put these kids in a situation where they would need a criminal defense attorney, such as myself. Perhaps by being educated, they will be smart, make good decisions, and not do some of the things that may get them into trouble with the law. As you know, our mantra is that we represent good kids, from good families, who do something stupid. Unfortunately, we expect to see a lot of this come Halloween this year