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COVID 2.0 and The New Year of Hope

As we go into the 11th full official month of our new reality and bring 2020 to its conclusion, it is important to enter the 2021 new year with positive momentum driving hope into society but more importantly to the individual, our local communities. 

If there is one key take-away from this year that the pandemic has shown to us all is that regardless of age, gender, social class, and/or geographic location around the world we are all in this together. 

It is never easy to learn and grow during difficult times. When differences and personal opinion are set aside, positive results and common ground can and will result in finding new ways of reinventing ourselves not only individually but as a society that can and will continue to thrive in ways that were never thought possible.  A little imagination and community will change lives.

Moderna’s Ashish K. Jha, MD, MPH, made an announcement via Twitter early Monday morning regarding results from the latest development of a vaccine that has had remarkable results. Moderna along with another pharmaceutical company Pfizer/ BioNTech collaborated saying their vaccines worked to about the same degree 94.1- 95% efficacy rate against the disease. Both Vaccines used similar developmental processes: A messenger RNA (mRNA) to code for a protein called spike that studs the surface of the pathogen.