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Model Citizen December Mohammed Esmaelsadah Embroidme

John Dowling: So, I’m John Dowling and I am here with Mohammed Esmaelsadah the president and founder of Embroidme in Melville New York.Well, first off, I want to congratulate you on being nominated as a model citizen for Model Citizens Magazine.

Mohammed Esmaelsadah: Thank you.

John Dowling: You’re welcome. I nominated you and Alex M. Wolff a former nominated model citizen seconded your nomination.

Mohammed Esmaelsadah: Well then a thank you to  Alex as well.

John Dowling: We nominated you for all the work you do for schools and for charities. And I know you don’t really like to talk about it much, but for the high school teams and athletes you’ve done some really nice things for them recently and over the years.

Mohammed Esmaelsadah: Yes, they are my neighborhood schools and I want to help them with during Covid with all of the challenges and difficulties they are going through.

John Dowling: So share with our readers what you actually do for them, because first off you manage a boutique frame shop, right. And an embroidery shop and you do some marketing with all kinds of free creative services for the artist community. But for a recent graduating class, didn’t you give them like 350 or so embroidered t-shirts for the seniors free?