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Patricia Polenz Costello’s Hardware Executive & Model Citizen

John: Once again this is John Dowling and I am here with Model Citizen Patricia Polenz. How are you, Patricia?

Patricia: I’m really good John, thank you. How are you?

John: I’m very good. I’m getting ready for the holidays; I just had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I wanted to call you so we could have part two of your interview now that you are well on your way to your new position with Costello Ace hardware. Could you tell us about your job and what you are doing?

Patricia: Sure! I am head of the Real Estate Division and this new division is going to be doing is setting up partnerships with real estate professionals to make them more successful at their jobs. Our goal is to provide services not only to the Real Estate industry but also to the communities where our stores are located. 

John: Talk to us about the kind of services that you have. It is kind of exciting because you really cannot get them anywhere else.

Patricia: Yes, that is true. We differentiate ourselves in a couple of different ways. A lot of people may not realize they can call in an order and we will deliver it if you don’t want to pick it up curbside.

Erika Dugas Living a life of Gratitude.

I am grateful for my family because I completely can be myself. I feel comfortable around my family. With them, I can do everything. I can sing, I can do something weird and they won’t judge me for anything that much. I always have someone to talk to. I can call my mommy or my son or my sister whenever I miss them.

They love me and always will. In hard times they boost me up, and always support me. They make me laugh. I am so blessed to have such a close family. Each day I am more and more thankful for them and my love for them continues to grow. I am grateful for my friends and their continuous support. They are truly my motivation. We speak daily and they truly inspire me.  They’re good listeners, they motivate me, they encourage me, they spur me to challenge myself and continue to grow.

I am grateful for my health because health is the foundation of who I am. I feel healthy and it’s one of life’s blessings. I am thankful first and foremost to be alive, to wake up every day that I can make great. I feel healthy, strong. Thankful that my body allows me to work and exercise, which in turn helps my mind feel healthier and happier so I can be a better mother and caregiver. I am grateful for work because I have had continuity of employment throughout the covid emergencies.  I am grateful for my social life and the world around me