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Model Citizens Magazine Survivor Of The Year 2021 Scott Cooper

John: Scott this is John Dowling the publisher of Model Citizens Magazine. I would like to congratulate you on being nominated as Model Citizens Magazine Survivor of the year 2021. Please starting with that horrific hit and run, please share what you have been through.

Scott: In 2011 my wife and I me were going to Arizona. We were going to North Carolina before heading there to say goodbye to her sons. On our way in Virginia getting gas, we were in a car accident on a head on collision. It was a lifted pick-up that hit us. We were stopped and not moving, when they it hit us. They were drunk and it was a woman driving. They hit-and-run, but we were lucky that my wife took a picture of their license plate. We called the police and they were able to find them and it found out that she was a armed robbery and she was out on parole. We had to take a tow truck to take us to Charlotte.  After we said goodbye to the boys, we had to take a rental car to take us to Arizona. When we got there, we went to the ER and they said we had to go to see a spine specialist. Luckily my wife wasn’t hurt  but I was lucky that I wasn’t paralyzed. The doctor found that my spine was compressed from my 2nd to the 7th vertebrae. I needed surgery and to have them fused. Since that time, I am not able to work anymore. We got an attorney and after 6 months in Arizona, we needed to go back to Charlotte. Thankfully, we still retained the attorney.  I got disability but it did not kick in until 2015. In November 2017,  I had a stroke that hit aortic heart went to the left side of my brain. Then a week after, I had a second stroke. I was sent to rehab and I was there for about a month and a 1/2. In February 2018 I had a seizure and I was dead for about 2 minutes. The ambulance brought me to the hospital. Since the rest of that year, I had 8 more seizures and I am on blood thinner and many other medications. The doctors had a few months until they were able to control my seizures. Since then, my strokes and my seizures have stopped. I have a very problem with my speech and my balance and confusion. Since the strokes and the seizures, I am not allowed anymore to drive myself.  I am home bound, I now to have depend friends or Ubers to take me back-and-forth for doctor appointments. Recently I had a bad fall.  I was coming down on the stairs to and hit my door and cracked it with my head. Obviously,  I no longer allowed to go on stairs.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Many years ago our family started a new tradition of giving memories as gifts and we have continued that tradition into the next generation. Spending quality time with each other is of course the best gift you can give someone you love. Not only spending time together but enjoying the simple things like nature walks, beach days, picnics in the park, anything where you can just be together.

These days with so many families making every dollar count it may be a great time to start a new tradition of giving memories in your own family and with your own friends. While there are great sentiments in wrapping a shiny new gift and putting it under the tree, there are just as many if not more sentiments spending the day at the aquarium with your niece or grandmother.

Gifts of time and memories are the best gifts and I doubt anyone would much disagree (although I hear that diamonds are a girl’s best friend). This year with so many challenges behind us and so many unknowns ahead of us, we never know what the future holds, who will be with us, and for how long. Time is the greatest gift we not only can give those we truly love, but also the most valuable gift we can give ourselves. How do you give memories as gifts? Well, it is quite easy as all you need is a piece of stationary or a nice card to write in your gift.