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John Joseph Dowling Jr.

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Model Citizen Terri Magro

John: I am with Terrie Magro, who is the founder of the Michael Magro Foundation. Terrie you have been nominated as a Model Citizen for all you do for charity and also for Long Island, congratulations.

Terrie: Thank you so much John, it’s an honor to be nominated and I’m very appreciative for this opportunity.

John:  Can you tell us about Michael? 

Terrie: Michael was my oldest son. He was born in 1990 and his brother Mark was 28 months later. So my two boys had a great relationship, they did everything together. At times they had some typical fighting, but they had a great life together. 

In 2004, Mark was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and was going through cancer treatment at the Cancer Center for Kids at NYU Winthrop Hospital. He was just about completing his chemotherapy treatment and ready to start radiation when Michael, as I dub it, out of the clear blue sky, started feeling weak and presented with what seemed like the flu. This was at the end of May, and by June 8th he was diagnosed with Leukemia. It was actually ALL, which is the acronym for the type of Leukemia he had. It was a T-cell, a very aggressive cell and his age was against him. He was about 13 ½ at that time, and Mark was 11 when he was initially diagnosed. 

So Michael’s journey was very different from Marks. As difficult as Mark’s Journey was, through radiation and chemotherapy, Michael really had a very difficult time. His pulmonary system was really damaged through all of this, so Michael was actually diagnosed on June 8th of 2004, and he passed away on July 30th of 2004.

John: That’s a tragedy, I’m so sorry. 

Terrie: It was a whirlwind to say the least. People thought I was losing my mind because I started to talk about Michael and cancer treatment, and they were telling me, no you mean Mark, and I said no, unfortunately I mean Michael. 

Michael was a lot sicker than Mark, but their journeys were just horrific. Cancer treatments do a lot of good. There are so many survivors, and survival rates have gone up.

Model Citizen Greggory Gittens.

John: Greg, you’ve been nominated as a Model Citizen for the October issue of Model Citizen Magazine because of your service to our country and our community, and because of the way you have battled cancer and survived, twice.  For our readers could you first please share a little bit about what you have been through with your health and what your status is now?

Greg: Currently, I’m in remission from cancer. In 2013, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and immediately had to go into aggressive chemotherapy treatments for six months every 3-weeks having chemo sessions. I’ve made it through that.

John: What is it like to be on chemo, for someone who has never gone through it?

Greg: First I’d like to say I had a really good doctor, Dr. Gostanian of Medical Oncology,I must give her a lot of credit. She did warn me about my first chemo treatment brutal and would only get worse over time. It’s cumulative, a lot of people don’t know that.

John: A lot of people do not know anything about it. 

John: Is it a chemical or a pill?

Greg: It’s a chemical.

John: Wow. 

Greg: That’s why you need to be closely monitored for your heart and lungs issues, there can be scarring of the lungs and other side effects. What it does is it kills cancer, obviously, but it brings you close to death. 

John: Is it like I’ve heard where they bring you to the brink of death, so that they kill off all of the cancer cells they can, but it is still killing you slower than cancer?

Greg: You can’t stay on for too long, it actually does a lot of damage to your body, but it’s killing cancer at the same time. So it’s a good thing, but also a bad thing. A lot of people come out of it with a lot of side-effects that they must live with for the rest of their lives. Before I say anything else, I have to say I come from a family of seven. I had a single mother and I give her a lot of credit. She’s a very tough woman. I think that’s where I get my toughness from and my sense of tomorrow will be better, I get that from her. 

Life on Mars? Venus May Be Harboring life!

Earth’s nearest planetary neighbor, suddenly looks more intriguing as a potential source of life. An international team of astronomers announced that it had remotely detected the presence of phosphine, a potential chemical “biosignature” in Venus’s atmosphere — very possibly generated by living organisms.

To confirm this the next obvious step is sending a new probe to take a closer look, something NASA and Russia will both be doing. The U.S. space agency was already considering going forward with two new Venus missions, either or both could potentially be modified to look for phosphine or attempt a more direct detection of alien lifeforms.

Model Citizens Magazine NYC September 2020

Model Citizens Magazine the September issue features some incredible model citizens including local attorney Chris Cassar. Model and recent Long Island Graduate Heather Felix. Model citizen and Judge Alan Shwartz shares his story about how he became passionate about giving and why. Publisher and model citizen John Joseph Dowling Jr. shares how to survive after a crisis based on his years of fighting life and death health issues.

The September issue of Model Citizens Magazine is the How to Survive after a Crisis issue and many model citizens like Kershel Anthony share his passion for helping the homeless after being homeless himself for a short time.

There are a plethora of additional stories in this issue that we hope you enjoy. Note that any of these spreads and stories can be printed on fine art glossy, matt, satin, or canvas archival/museum-quality prints. Just click here to find out more. As always Live in Gratitude. Pay it Forward. Cherish your Chapters of love.

Model Citizen Kershel Anthony Supporting the Homeless

John: I’m here with Kershel Anthony who is a Model Citizen and founder of his own charity called THIS IS MY SWAG foundation which benefits children right? 

Kershel: Yes, thank you. It actually benefits Children of all ages their schools and communities  that don’t have the funding to  provide important programs such as physical education, social emotional learning & leadership programs. What we also do is partner with other organizations in the community to support the homeless, churches  and children hospitals. 

John: What is it that inspires you to want to help children in schools, children’s hospitals and the homeless?

Kershel: I’m just a passionate person. I believe I’ve always wanted to help people. I think, for me in my life, growing up through my childhood I felt like I needed more help and guidance. I had struggles , many unanswered questions. I was confused. Many of my classmates were going through their own struggles. Don’t get me wrong , I had a good childhood. Great community , good schooling. I can only imagine those who didnt  have that , their struggle . growing into a young man I met people that used their power and passion for the good. It wasn’t about the money , it was about the movement for them. I wanted to be that. I turned my passion for dance to a passion to impact the community using my talent .I’m blessd  to create a foundation where I can pinpoint trouble situations, raise money and be able to answer and provide  for whatever’s going on. 

How to be an Instagram Model Featuring Heather Felix

Social media is an essential tool for building your brand, making connections, and finding work. In fact, it’s become so important that many top modeling agencies now require their models to be on social media. Here’s how you can use Instagram to further your modeling career and your business.

Instagram is like a modern-day photographic portfolio. Whether you like modeling or photography or anything else you are passionate about, social media is your online portfolio. You define your personal style and let your Instagram grid or photo album display it. Don’t just show us your but (as so many Instagram influencers do) show us your personality and what interests you. Anyone can accumulate likes and views by taking off most of their clothes, but to use Instagram to obtain tangible results, bookings, and reach to major brands you need to define who you are. It certainly does not hurt to show your but, however, unless you are endorsing lingerie your views and likes may not translate into bookings.

Model Citizen Margreit McInnis Reboot Update

Margreit: Although math was not really a strong subject for me in high school, I was in between opportunities in my early twenties, this was after the car accident I had when I was twenty. I knew some people in my family that I had been through some financial hardship and knowing that made me want to learn more about the industry. Strangely enough, the training for building my financial expertise came at the same time as my brain was recovering from the accident. I think I kind of connect my ability to learn and remember things during the training with my recovery. While I was working with Dreyfus Mutual Funds, I was about 25, and I remember that all of a sudden, I started to really understand everything I was being taught. I was able to remember and retain it all. For lack of a better term, it was as if my brain turned back on again and I guess some of the passion I feel comes from this evidence, in real-time, in real life, that I was actually recovering.

The Year of Career Pivots by Model Citizens

Did you recently lose your job? Or maybe working from home has given you the physical and mental distance from your job and you’re not sure you want to go back? If you’re thinking it’s time to do something new, you’re not alone. Millions of employees are considering an industry career change after COVID-19 settles down. But knowing you need to make a change and actually making that change are two totally different things. Most need to be brave and have courage when looking at new changes to their careers. Almost everyone who lost their job knows the old saying “When one door closes another door opens”. Now if ever is the time to explore self-employment opportunities as finding a new job with an actual paycheck that supports your financial needs may be much harder to find than most think.

Millions of Americans who were laid off have not had any luck at all finding a new job and they have no choice but to start a business or freelance as a contract worker. Other’s however, are embracing the opportunity to change their destiny by starting their own businesses and entering the growing ranks of the self-employed.

Quarantine time forced many of us to stay indoors and gives us time for introspection,” publisher of Model Citizens Magazine says. “Ask yourself, ‘Am I doing a job or am I on a career path? And what do I want to do next?” Changing course can be very exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming.

Model Citizen David Martin giving behind the scenes

John: Congratulation on your nomination as a model citizen for the September issue of Model Citizens Magazine.

David: Thank you so much it is an honor to me to be nominated.

John: You have been nominated because you are kind of a  behind the scenes guy. I show up at many Charities and see you bought a table, made a significant donation, and you never say anything about it. When did you first start supporting charities and why do you do it? 

David: Many years ago I was working for Harley-Davidson. Harley-Davidson at that time supported Muscular Dystrophy Association and the dealership would support the national and local MDA. The dealership would provide special events and with the help of the motorcycle community raise money. It made me feel good to provide support to people who are struggling. So I just kept on doing it and made it a lifestyle. 

John: I know you are support of The Ferro Foundation. Tell us why you are so passionate about the Ferro Foundation?

David: I first meet Sal while I was producing a sports internet radio show. His passion for sports provided a common interest. We meet again at the PinkTie Gala charity event. His passion for philanthropy inspired me to do more for our community and get more involved. The Ferro Foundation created a Scholarship fund to help Long Island students receive a college education. Providing a scholarship to students who meets certain community and academic qualifications. Being a Long Islander it was important to keep my efforts local to help our immediate community. So that sold me on the philanthropy lifestyle.

Model Citizen Judge, Attorney, and Philanthropist Alan Schwartz

It would be my pleasure. All I ever wanted to do was have my own practice. This probably goes back to when I was two years old. We always had attorneys in the family, most of them work for big law. I knew I wanted to practice law, but that is not the kind of law I wanted to practice. I grew up on watching Perry Mason, so I knew I wanted to be a trial lawyer.

I was fortunate that I got my first choice of job with the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office in 1980. I got that job primarily because I wanted to develop my skills as a trial attorney. My game plan was to stay there for four or five years and then open my own practice. After four and a half, I went into practice with another friend who is also in the DA’s office. I did all the trial work and he did the paperwork and we successfully practiced together for seven to eight years at which point he decided that smaller was better and I thought bigger was better. We had started as two lawyers with no staff and grew to three or four lawyers with a support staff of five or six. In 1992, I took over the practice and continued to expand it and moved from Mineola to Garden City. Now I have practiced for forty years, thirty-five since I left the DA’s office. Two years ago I was selected to become a village judge in Center Island, where I have the privilege of overseeing the lifestyle of the rich and Famous, like Billy Joel and Sean Hannity. Just to summarize my forty years, I have had a unique opportunity to look at criminal matters from not one, or two, but three different perspectives. That of a prosecutor, that of a defense attorney and now that is a judge. However, when I left the DA’s office in 1985, it was apparent to me that if all we did was criminal work, I’d be out of business in a relatively short period of time because I prosecuted the criminals, I didn’t necessarily defend them. We ended up developing a reputation for representing good kids from good families who did something stupid. Now we include their parents as well, especially in the middle of a pandemic, the practice grew into a litigation practice. Even as far back as 1985, where I would go into court for anything, whether be a criminal matter, matrimonial or personal injury because my feeling was once you tried a felony cases In front of 14 person juries everything else is just a matter of money.

We got to the point where we were busy enough and could take on other lawyers who were comfortable handling cases in their areas. I was in criminal. So, now we have a total of twelve lawyers and each of them has a different area of concentration. So, the sweet spots of the practice still remain as criminal defense and range from traffic violations through homicide at the local, state, and federal level. I’ve taught for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy at St. John’s, as well as Hofstra University. I also judge national mock trial competitions with some regularity. All of which has led me to the conclusion that I may never retire because I enjoy what I do too much.