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John Joseph Dowling Jr.

I am the executive producer and director of photography for all of the content on this site. I am available for any size production or photographic opportunity worldwide. I am also the author of Chapters of Love, and founder of

Model Citizen Bobby Ross

John: This is John Dowling, and I am here with Bobby Ross, the founder, and gentleman who runs Triple Crown Fundraising. Triple Crown fundraising seems to be at a good number of the charity events on Long Island, so Bobby tell us about what you do?

Bobby: Thank you so much. What we do is help charities with their annual events, which may be golf outings, galas, or dinner dances. We assist them with the auction items that will help them raise more money. These items also add to the decorations at the event and boost their ability to raise more money. We try to add support for the organizations as well as take care of other items that are donated. So, we in effect, facilitate everything we can in regards to the auction and the charities bottom line. 

John: So how do you help? I see you at so many of these events, and they all seem to have some type of magic formula. 

Bobby: We provide auction items, and the charity keeps a nice portion of the opening bid, plus all of the up bid. If an item does not get bid on and sold, we take it back, so that there is never any risk to the charity. We also facilitate all the items they have, like baskets, and they of course get 100% of those proceeds. We do the set up for everything and the breakdown. We do as much of the financials as the charity would like us to like making the bid sheets for the old school bidding. The new school bidding consists of mobile bidding and we have pivoted into that as well. Our goal is to try to do as much as we can for the charity and have them experience as little cost as possible.

Kershel Anthony High-Risk Behaviour

When I was just a sixth grader and walking home from school for one of the first times on my own, I happened to pass a bicycle that was out for garbage collection. As I walked passed it I saw a modified frame, an engine, and all kinds of cool “gears and mechanisms” I had not seen before. As the super geek I was, I took the beat up and rusty framed “mini-bike” or “motorized-bike” and brought it to my garage where I started with my father’s help, some elbow grease and a bit of Noxon, and started to polish up the frame. When the frame was all polished it looked pretty cool actually. A few can’s of spray paint later the frame looked brand new. 

I new nothing about engines but the local lawn mower shop did. They also sold motorcycles and other hand crafted motorbikes and they new exactly what parts I would need to get the thing running. I mean it looked like someone had glued on some parts to a welded and stretched out bike frame with a throttle on the handle bars and of course no brakes. 

Once I figured out how to put the thing together my father helped me tune the engine and we took her to the Nassua County Coliseum parking lot and with a few pushes she kicked over and I was off. Not just putting around but by the time it hit about 45 both my father and I knew that this thing was going to vibrate to pieces, so I road her in circles until she putted out of gas and I coasted to a stop.

That was it, I was completely hooked. I mean as they say in the movies I had the need for speed! And with that, I polisher her up again, and this became a weekly ritual. Well weekly until the engine blew up and caught fire and the entire thing melted into one glob. Dad decided we would just leaver her to burn and we got out of there. 

I was devastated but dad had a plan, we would get a motorcycle from the lawnmower shop and I would be back in business. Only this new motorcycle was much different, as it was a real motorcycle what they called a Rupp mini motorcycle. This baby had wings and what was 35-40 mph quickly became 45-55mph with the ability to pop wheelies and jump, jump just about anything.

Model Citizens Magazine October 2020

Model Citizens Magazine the October issue features some incredible model citizens including local lifeguard and Model Citizen Mike Gomes. Model Citizen & former Suffolk County Executive, author Steve Levy. Mike shares his story about this his first modeling shoot ever for B2BEspoke Men’s Clothier’s “A Man’s Guide to Fashion”.

The October issue of Model Citizens Magazine is the 2020 Elections Predictions issue as well as the Man’s Guide to Fashion issue. Alure home improvements CEO and model citizen Sal Ferro shares his views on how our government is doing during this election year. Rhonda Klch shares her views on some current issues and her passion for the Equity First Foundation.

There are a plethora of additional stories in this issue that we hope you enjoy. Note that any of these spreads and stories can be printed on fine art glossy, matt, satin, or canvas archival/museum-quality prints. Just click here to find out more. As always Live in Gratitude. Pay it Forward. Cherish your Chapters of love.

Chapters Of Love

The love was gone and she lay empty in my arms like a ghost with no heartbeat. I was falling endlessly into the dark eternity of despair, not knowing just how far the crack in my heart would grow, or if the gap would be beyond repair. Years of emptiness and lost hope were my daily companions. I was alone and unwilling to settle for anyone less than my soul mate and then I met her. But how far had the cracks in her heart grown? Was her smile just a front to hide her own pain? She was no stranger to betrayal and her heart was also challenged. This she shared candidly, when I first met her. And of course, I saw it in her eyes. Maybe the cracks in her heart is what attracted me to her, as I am so accustomed to rescuing broken hearts, as I recklessly expose my own.

I have fooled myself before, blurring the lines between love and despair. What is it about the fluttering of a broken wing that blurs my vision? After so many years of shielding my wounds have I healed? How is it even possible that after so much pain and betrayal I could even consider trying again? Why her? How could this possibly be happening, or was it just in my imagination? What is it about these chapters of love that can be so painful that it takes years to recover, if ever? I do not know if I can or if she is even willing, but she could be the one that will bring some sense or meaning to the years of waiting, hoping and longing for a true soul mate. Is love even under our own control? Is it beyond our own capacity to limit or create, or is it simply destiny? Why would she ever choose me? I am so flawed. Even as I write this I know that beauty like hers, both inside and physically is a once in a lifetime encounter.

My heart has not been my own since as long as I can remember. Maybe the pain was just too much for it to heal. When you do not own your own heart, how can you even offer it again? Does this happen to everyone after losing love? After believing I am living in a world of brokenhearted people, maybe I have literally become one of them myself. I see it everywhere like an emotional plague. So what makes me think that I am immune to the same plight as all of those I see around me who appear to be heartless. Is it just that they too have cracks in their own hearts, so deep, so wounded they cannot go back? So why? Why does my heart bring me here again? Is it possible that time does heal all wounds?

Solutions To America’s Problems

John: Congratulations Steve on being nominated for Model Citizens Magazine. You are a former County Executive, an attorney and now an author. I understand that you have a new book.

Steve: I do and I’m very excited about it. It’s called, “Solutions to America’s Problems”, with the subtext being; “A Politically Incorrect Conservatives Take on How to Maintain America’s Greatness”.

It’s going to be in the nonfiction section of bookstores and also available on Amazon. You can go to my website stevelevy.Info  for more information

John: Tell us more about what this book is about, because you’ve been out of politics for a while now. For those readers who don’t know you were the former County Executive of Suffolk County, as far as I ever knew you did a wonderful job. Can you give me more details about the book, what do you think is going wrong and what do you think is going right, and how do you think we should fix it? Give us your Insight.

Steve: The point of the book was to put something out there that differentiates itself from the typical book that is yelling at the other side and basically restating what the problems are. We know what the problems are. 

John: What are the problems?

Steve: I delineate about fifteen or sixteen different chapters dealing with everything from climate change to our electoral process to the Supreme Court, which is very timely. This was written prior to the Ginsberg passing.

John: I think everyone knew she was on her way out. She had such an amazing life.

Steve: Right, right, and now that leaves all kinds of controversies. I also talk about foreign policy and how to deal with the Middle East crisis, which I wrote about prior to these latest peace proposals.

Presidential Debate 2020 Who won?

If you watched the first presidential debate I am sure you would agree that this was not very presidential. In fact, I would think that most of us would say it was a rude and unprofessional brawl. Childish name-calling by both candidates and dodging the facts while interrupting the moderator and each other. While former VP Biden maintained some form of courtesy President Trump came out swinging and as many athletes would say “he was all in and fought the battle on the field”.

Trying to actually make heads or tails of the actual information that was shared during the debate, it does not seem as if we learned anything new about either candidate. Nor did anything much in their individual plans and forward courses of action change from what they both have shared previously. However, there are a few items that we are left with still wondering what the truth is. For instance, Biden keeps saying that the millions of dollars paid to his son and the legitimacy of that was debunked. I do not see where it was debunked at all. In fact, to me, it actually seems that his son was paid by foreign interests specifically to win the political support of Joe Biden. I would love to see a hearing on that before the election, I believe that most American’s would have liked to have seen the actual evidence and see why he was paid with no previous experience at all.

That being said it seems as if no one really believes that politicians in the US are examples of the most ethical and moral people in our society anymore but the most devious who are supported by special interests, not what is best for the US at all. But what is best for those that support them. As many would say, just follow the money and you will see who these politicians are actually working for.

Model Citizen Ron Villano

John: Ron, you’ve been nominated as a Model Citizen for this August issue of Model Citizen’s Magazine for everything you do for your clients, for society, and for charity, congratulations.

Ron: For me, I always had that, I guess I was born with it, my older brother always told me I was born to be a philanthropist. Of course, I didn’t really know what that was when I was younger, I just thought it was a natural thing. I was just going through life when I got hit with losing my son Michael on July 22nd of 1998. That was for me the lowest time of my life.

I didn’t think I was going to come out of it, to be honest, I had major depression which most people who have lost a child go through. It was terrible. When I lost Michael, I said he took my life, and then later many years later, after doing a lot of work and soul searching and really getting deep with my own personal work, I actually would say he gave me my life. Now I don’t see things or people as an opportunity for me, I see it as more spiritual. Things the way they are supposed to be. Like this interview, to me, it is supposed to be, not for my gain, it’s to help somebody who’s going to read it or see me and be touched the way I was touched in my life.  

Right now, there are a lot of people sitting in the corner of the room and they can’t get out of their own way. They feel depressed, there’s no help. If we can reach one of those people by your interview today, that’s what my goal is. That is what got me out of my own self and into the moment, living in the moment, and not looking for something to get something. No one is 100% that way all the time, but for me, if I can be helpful to somebody that is what I want to do. Becoming a therapist and counseling people, that got me to pursue my license which gave me credibility so people will come in and listen. I help guide people to have better lives.

Where’s the Stimulus for the Hospitality Industry?

It’s no secret that restaurants are having a hard time. While the first stimulus package helped, and now the street and outside dining has helped keep many of them afloat, it appears that a good number of them are going under and there will be more to follow soon enough.

First off a very large part of society is just outright nervous or afraid to go out at all never mind to “somersault laden COVID-19 restaurants”. I know the few times I have gone out to eat, I always sit outside. When I can not sit outside, I check a few things first before entering. I always make sure that the restaurant is nearly empty. If it is full or has a larger capacity crowd even within COVID-19 limits, I just walk away. That makes me think that others are doing the same.

Life Behind the Lens

Life behind the lens is a blessing. I still can not believe where my art and photojournalism has brought me. From New Year’s Eve front and center main stage Times Square NYC to exotic European cities like Paris and Venice. My love for people has always lead me to pay tribute to the human figure especially the female figure. I can remember every instant from every photo, from my entire life. It’s amazing to me how many portraits and people I have met on my creative journey.

Free and Fair Elections? How with Covid19

Free and fair presidential elections with COVID just seems like an impossible task with all of the data that needs to be collected manually, sorted, and then validated. With the presidential election only weeks away and COVID proving to be as resilient as predicted, how are mail-in votes of this volume going to be counted? We are estimating between seventy-five million to ninety million mail-in votes. Forget about the postal issues, and just think about what it takes to manually count that many votes!

I am totally an optimist as life has already proven to be a “very positive” experience. But, no matter how I try to resolve this effort, I just do not see it happening the way a Democracy would want it to happen. I still can not wrap my head around how in a COVID world we are going to pull this off. The country is so polarized, to begin with, that you can lose a friend you had for a lifetime over a conflicting political opinion, never mind if a vote counts or shouldn’t! I mean if you want to start the grand debate of all time, disagree with what votes should count and which ones shouldn’t. Now multiply that scenario tens of millions of times. If Biden wins I guarantee you that we will hear these concerns