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Model Citizen Asher Allweiss Entrepreneurial Career Pivot

Entrepreneurial Career Pivot

Morphing your life to the new norm can be quite a challenge, but for model citizen Asher Allweiss his career trajectory changed overnight because of this pandemic. Asher is a top young real estate agent with Keller Williams Points North, but he also WAS the Chief Business Development Officer at his company Impetus Management.  Impetus Management was started in August 2019, they are a small business loans brokerage firm who take a holistic look at the lending process as well as creative ways to assist their client’s growth.  They would refer their clients to one another so they could collaborate and grow together.  Impetus was growing rapidly in both revenues generated and in size, then cut to the end of March of this year and the pandemic hits.  After pouring his heart and soul into his new company, which was only eight months old, he and his partner Brian had to make the decision to shut down because of the pandemic, Asher thought it was the end of the world. Then one day during quarantine and a lot of self-reflecting and talking to God trying to find the answer of what to do now, he comes to the realization that with every ending there is a new beginning. Asher decides to put his faith in God and with the love and support of his family and friends, he decides to put his head down and just follow his dream and open his Real Estate Investment Firm called “AAM Ventures LLC” as well as his Commercial Mortgage Brokerage, partnered with Michael Mills, called “Cobra Commercial Capital”.

This move for Asher was years in the making, he has been networking and cultivating relationships for years, but having to take a loss with Impetus, hopefully just temporarily, shows the life of an entrepreneur is not an easy one. As an entrepreneur, you know that when life throws us curve balls and you have to stand in the box and just swing even when you’re up against great odds. It is no secret for those who know Asher that he is a tremendously resourceful and persistent individual. That being said, no matter how resourceful you are, going head to head with a pandemic just seems to unsurmountable. In the end it just does not matter what is going on, what matters is when you are facing adversity what are you going to do? Are you going to just sit there and say “Okay you win, I lose” or are you going to stand up and fight? It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, the only thing that matters is that you get your rear end back up, take a deep breath, dust yourself off and say “please sir may I have another!” and keep on fighting.

 Asher decided he was not going to just roll over and give up, he decided he was going to rise up like a phoenix from the ashes and continue fighting.

With that in mind, Asher opened Cobra Commercial Capital LLC in June 2020 with Michael.  They saw an opening within the real estate industry, specifically commercial real estate, where there were many real estate investors who were unable to find the funding for their projects.  They realized that their new found company can come in and assist these irritated borrowers, not only to help them find the funds they require for their investments to proceed, but also with analysis and expansion of their companies.  With Michael’s background in residential and commercial real estate lending and Asher’s background in residential and commercial real estate sales as well as his MBA in real estate and finance, they believed this gave them the edge over anyone else in their industry.  Building a full-service brokerage that can do more than just find their clients the money, becomes very advantageous for their clients to be able to have a one stop shop, so to speak, for everything real estate related.  Not to mention Asher and Michael’s vast network of business owners and service providers to be able to fill any void and answer any question anyone might have.  For Asher this company helps to close the circle for him in the real estate industry and gives him the ability to help everyone, not just to find their next project or house, but to be able to get them the financing as well.

Now to really fulfill his dream, Asher opened AAM Ventures LLC, with his partner Melissa Mohan, in June 2020 as well.  This new venture, if you will, is Asher and Melissa’s real estate investment fund.  They plan on building a portfolio of multi-family and mixed-use properties that they will one day be able to build it into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and be able to help many others make money within real estate.  That dream I mentioned earlier is Asher’s dream to one day own a building in the city and contribute his own touch to the already vast and beautiful New York City skyline.  He knows that through this venture and working side by side with Melissa, they can do that and a whole lot more.  This one company is, God willing, the start of something spectacular.

This all being said, Asher never knows when he would have been able to muster up the courage to be able to take this leap if not for the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic. God never gives anyone a test He knows they will fail; you just have to believe in yourself the way that God believes in you.  It is all about finding that strength within yourself and the belief that you can accomplish anything with the right work ethic.

Now with his vast knowledge of real estate, finance, and investments, his immense drive to create a legacy for himself and his family, and his Goonies “Never Say Die” attitude, Asher looks this pandemic straight in the eye and will not back down.  This year started off amazing for him, the last five months have knocked him on his ass, but the year is not over yet and it is how you finish that counts.

Asher Allweiss knows that if he does not give up or give in, that one day he will be that overnight success that he works his ass off every day to become!

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